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Here Girls Sleep With Men but Do Not Live, Your Mind Will Be Shocked Because of the Reason

January 03, 2023

Walking marriage is a marriage in which either of the two partners can go out of the relationship. In this marriage, the woman plays the main character. This Muso caste society is also considered to be female-dominated. Women have the right to choose men and even to take important decisions. Not only this, women are completely free to choose more than one partner.

The men of the Muso race do not live with women. They are busy all day fishing, hunting and other things. Only go to sleep with their partner at night. The most important thing in the Museo society is that here a 13-year-old girl gets the right to love any man.

After the girl attains her age, she is given her own separate room, where she can spend time with the boy of her choice. In this relationship, the man does not give any kind of financial help to the woman, even after having a child, his full responsibility remains on the mother and her family members.

The foundation of this relationship does not depend on marriage or any formality. These people can willingly spend their whole life together or even change their partner. This relationship is not as strange as it seems. Most people here are very loyal to their partner. They love selflessly even without any bond-like marriage. It is not necessary that the mother knows who her father is, this thing is not highlighted here.

This area of ​​southwest China is considered a special centre of tourism. People have built raw houses on the banks of the lake, where the tourists coming from outside can live. These Mooso tribes also entertain people by performing traditional dances. Many people come here just to see these women.

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[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About RAW

September 15, 2022

15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About RAW

1. Your parents must be Indian to be admitted to RAW.

2. Cannot put RTI on Raw because it is a matter of security of the country.

3. RAW sends its report to the Prime Minister.

4. RAW is not an agency, but RAW is a wing.

5. There is no permanent job in RAW.

6. Even the family members do not know where you are in this job.

7. If you want to be rich, then you are not involved in Raw.

8. There is no match between Raw Detective of films and Raw Detective of Real.

9. If you are good at sports, then your chances will increase even more.

10. The easiest way to get admitted in RAW is to pass UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and get directly employed in IPS or IFS post.

11. India Raw has been made according to the American CIA.

12. Raw agent salary ranges from INR 80,000 to INR 1,30,000.

13. If the agent of RAW is caught spying in another country, then the government of his country gets rid of him. Meaning, they do not help them in any way.

14. A Raw Detective's secret ends with his life. The RAW agent's wife does not even know that her husband is a RAW agent.

15. Those officers who are on duty in RAW do not get guns, just those people use their brains.

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[Amazing Facts]: 25+ Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Narendra Modi | Interesting Facts About Narendra Modi

August 24, 2022

Interesting Facts About Narendra Modi

1. Modi ji considers Swami Vivekananda as his ideal.

2. Narendra Modi ji is a vegetarian, he never consumes meat and alcohol.

3. Modi ji takes the blessings of his mother before starting any new work.

4. Modi ji studied management and public relations in America.

5. Modi ji was married at 18, but left his home only after 2 years and took retirement and got away from his wife Jasoda Ben.

6. Narendra Modi ji loves new technologies.

7. Modi Ji only sleeps for 5 hours, and he gets good sleep in these 5 hours.

8. Price of Modi ji's watch ranges from 39,000 to 190000, this watch is found in Mewadi, a famous brand of Switzerland. And together they wear the watch upside down,

9. Modi ji took only one day off during the 13 years of rule of Gujarat.

10. Modi ji wears around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40000 glasses, which are an Italian brand Gulari, this company has now started making these things.

11. PM Narendra Modi ji belongs to the "Mend-Ghanchi-Teli" caste, this caste is in the Other Backward Class of the Government of India.

12. RSS propagandists do not keep beards, they used to keep beards despite being propagators.

13. Modi ji gets up till 5:30 in the morning.

14. Modi ji has also sold tea at a railway station called Vadnagar in Gujarat.

15. Modi ji was an NCC student.

16. When Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, his mother had said that the son should never take a bribe.

17. Modi Ji is a man who fulfills his responsibility with honesty and true integrity.

18. The pen with which Modi Ji writes, this pen is a German brand.

19. He used to do all the minor work himself when he lived in the headquarters of Ahmedabad. Like making tea, washing clothes, etc.

20. According to astrology, his horoscope closely resembles Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak.

21. When the Emergency was imposed in India in 1975, RSS and many such organizations were banned, then Modi used to propagate in the guise of Sardar.

22-Modi Ji studied MA (Master of Arts) in Political Science after being a post-graduate.

23. Modi Ji's clothes are only stitched at Vipin and Jitendra Chauhan's shop and let me tell you that this is not a small shop, it is a company of about one hundred and fifty crore rupees and Modi Ji has been here since 1989. Let's sew.

24. Modi Ji's salary is 19 lakhs, which is that of the Prime Minister of India.

25. Due to the opposition of many people, Modi did not give visas to America from 2004 to 2013, but when he was the Prime Minister, he came to call himself.

26. Narendra Modi's father's name is Damodardas Mool Chand Modi and his mother's name is Mrs. Hiraben.

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[Amazing Facts]: 20 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Facebook

February 20, 2022

Interesting Facts About Facebook

1. No user can block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

2. Mark Zuckerberg gets $ 1 in salary every year.

3. In Facebook website and application, you can translate in your language along with Hindi and English. This translator contains 70 languages.

4. Mark Zuckerberg has a colour blind so that he does not know the difference between green and red, hence Facebook is blue.

5. The idea of ​​the Like button on Facebook is not for those working on Facebook. Rather this idea was from Hekathans.

6. About 83% of Facebook fan pages are made up of prostitutes.

7. If you want to do the secret work on the Internet, then do not log in to the Facebook account at that time because after logging in the Facebook account, Facebook is recording all your work.

8. Mark had previously decided to name the Like button as Ausam, but the logo denied Mark's point.

9. 50% of people connected to the Internet are connected with Facebook.

10. If Facebook's server goes down for only 1 minute, then Facebook will lose 25 thousand dollars in that minute.

11. Due to Facebook, people are becoming victims of the disease named FAD, this disease is due to the addiction of Facebook addiction disorder.

12. If Facebook were a country, this country would have been the 5th most populous country in the world.

13. Every day more than 6 lakh hackers attack Facebook.

14. Most fake accounts are made in India.

15. The first Indian woman to join Facebook was Tandrashekhara Krishnan.

16. The idea of ​​the news feed on Facebook was given by Ruchi Sanghvi (RUCHI SANGHVI), and for your information, tell me, she is the first Indian woman engineer to work on Facebook

17. Those who die, if they report about that account from Facebook, then Facebook gives that profile as a memorialized account on Facebook.

18. Around 5% of British use Facebook even while having sex.

19. In 2011, the Constitution of Iceland was written with the help of facebook.

20. Facebook globe (notification tab) changes based on the location of users.

21. Facebook is the reason for one out of every 5 marriages in America.

22. Facebook spends about 30 million dollars every month on hosting only.

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[Amazing Facts]: 20+ Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Bill Gates

February 20, 2022

Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

1. Bill Gates' full name is William Henry Gates III.

2. Bill Gates sold his first computer software at the age of 19, this software was the school's timetable.

3. Bill Gates had hacked his school's computer system in the girl's affair.

4. The story of Bill Gates is richer than mystic is totally false because Bill Gates was already rich.

5. You can only guess from this how much Bill Gates loved computer software programming that he used to skip studies and remained in it, due to which he failed in 11.

6. Bill Gates created his first computer software game called "Tic-Tac-Toe".

7. He became a billionaire only 1 year after Bill Gates expressed his desire at the age of 30 that he wanted to become a millionaire.

8. Bill Gates considers the biggest regret in his life that he does not know any language other than English.

9. Bill Gates was jailed at the age of 17 for breaking a red light.

10. Bill Gates earns around Rs 102 crore every day.

11. India has a special place in the heart of Bill Gates for the country.

12. Bill Gates does not have a Facebook account on Facebook.

13. Bill Gates pays property tax of ₹ 6.4 crores every year.

14. Bill Gates cleans his plate after eating.

15. If Bill Gates builds a country of his own, that country will be the 37th richest country in the world.

16. If Bill Gates wants, he can repay the entire US debt in just 10 years.

17. Bill Gates' wife and their children do not use any Apple products.

18. Even if Bill Gates spends ₹ 6.5 crores every day, it will take him 218 years to spend his entire assets.

19. Bill Gates is the biggest donor Bill Gates has donated nearly 100 million dollars in his life.

20. If Bill Gates distributes equal rupees to every human being in the whole world, then each person's share will come to about ₹ 5000.

21. Bill Gates was banned by the computer centre corporation for using the computer.

22. Bill Gates does not have any college degrees.

23. Bill Gates 'children will only receive $ 10 million from Bill Gates' assets

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[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Bal Thackeray (Balasaheb Thackeray)

February 19, 2022

Interesting Facts about Babasaheb Thackeray 

15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Balasaheb Thackeray

1. Bal Thackeray was a famous cartoonist before becoming a politician.

2. Bal Thackeray was fond of sitting on the silver throne.

3. Every photo and interview of Bal Thackeray definitely had a cigar or pipe in his hand.

4. Many people call Bal Thackeray as Hindu heart emperor.

5. After the death of Bal Thackeray, 20 lakh people attended his funeral.

6. Bal Thackeray had spoken one thing for Muslims in 1980, that these Muslims are spreading like cancer in India.

7. Bal Thackeray is neither Chief Minister nor MP. Nevertheless, he was given a 21-gun salute after his death. Which the President gets to the Prime Minister. This is called status.

8. Bal Thackeray's funeral procession included many leaders, businessmen, and prominent personalities.

9. Bal Thackeray was the first person to close the whole of Mumbai on his own death without notice.

10. Bal Thackeray used to treat the front as he used to.

11. Bal Thackeray's childhood name was Bal Keshav Thackeray who became Balasaheb Thackeray over time.

12. On 19 June 1966, Bal Thackeray had a party with his friends by throwing coconuts at Shivaji Park, Shiv Sena which is still going on today.

13. Bal Thackeray had a special thing that he never went to meet anyone.

14. In the speeches, Bal Thackeray often praised 2 things openly, first Hitler and second Sri Lankan terrorist organization LTTE.

15. There were also many sufferings in Thackeray's life. The first wife died, then the elder son Bindumadhav died in a car accident, then the estrangement of the second son Jaydev and the formation of a separate party of Ladle's nephew Raj Thackeray. Let me tell you that Raj Thackeray was the man who was considered the successor of Bal Thackeray.

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[Amazing Facts]: 14 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Burj Khalifa | Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa

February 11, 2022

 Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa

1. An architect named Burj Khalifa is Adrian Smith, He is an American Architect.

2. Four people were killed while building the Burj Khalifa.

3. Workers charge $ 10-15 for 1 hour to clean the windows in Burj Khalifa.

4. Talking of the stairs in the Burj Khalifa, 2909 steps are crushed in it.

5. Five Olympic swimming pools can be filled with the amount of water released from the AC in Burj Khalifa in a year.

6. Burj Khalifa has 6 world records, tallest building, highest floor, highest lift etc.

7. Burj Khalifa has the highest swimming pool on the 76th floor and a restaurant on the 122nd floor

8. Burj Khalifa is so big that you can see it even from 95 km away. Its peak also shows neighboring country Iran.

9. Burj Khalifa has accommodation of about 35000 people at one time

10. It is made of concrete equivalent to 100,000 elephants and aluminum equivalent to five A380 airplanes.

11. Burj Khalifa was formed by about 12,000 labourers

12. The height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters i.e. 2716.5 feet

13. Burj Khalifa has cost nearly $ 1.5 billion to build

14. Burj Khalifa has a total of 163 floors, with 36 windows, 58 elevators and 2957 parking spaces, 304 hotels and 900 apartments.

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[Amazing Secret]: Top 5 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World

February 10, 2022

Top 5 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 

These intelligence agencies of the country work for the security of the country. For your information, tell these people, they keep news of the moment of their country apart from their country. These people thwart the false intentions of their spying enemies. So let's know the world's top 5 most dangerous intelligence agencies:

RAW of India
India is the country's intelligence RAW (RAW). Its full name is Research and Analysis Wing. RA was founded in 1968. RAW is considered as the world's most powerful intelligence agency. Only the Prime Minister of the country can ask for answers from this agency, no one else. If we talk about its headquarters, then its headquarters are located in Delhi. This agency maintains complete information about foreign affairs, criminals and terrorists.

Pakistan's ISI
Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)
Was established in the year 1948. It is headquartered in Shahrah A Sohrawardy, Islamabad. Its foundation was British Army Officer of Australian descent, Major General R. Cathom, who was then chief of the Pakistani Army Staff. ISI is accused of promoting terrorism in the name of protecting the country, it is believed to be the hand in many terrorist attacks.

CIA of America
The US intelligence agency is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It was founded in 1947 by Harry A. Truman. It is headquartered in Virginia, near Washington. Apart from the CIA, the US has three more agencies named agencies NSA, DIA and FBI. It works for all cybercrime, preventing terrorism and protecting the country.

Israel's MOSSAD
Israel's intelligence agency Mossad is considered the godfather of all the world's agencies. This agency also reports directly to the Prime Minister like India. This agency was established in 1949. It is believed that whoever comes to Mossad's sight and hides in any corner of the world, this agency finds him. The agency has been involved in some of the world's most daring underworld operations.

MSS of China
China's intelligence agency MSS, the Ministry of State Security, is the largest intelligence agency. The Ministry of State Safety (MSS) was created in 1983. It is headquartered in Beijing. This agency is responsible for conducting counterintelligence operations and foreign intelligence operations.

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[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Chanakya

February 10, 2022

Interesting Facts About Chanakya

1. Chanakya was born in 371 BCE to a Brahmin family.

2. Acharya Chanakya was the most learned and learned person of his time.

3. Even today all the policy of the world is based on Chanakya policy.

4. Acharya Chanakya Ji had a great knowledge of astronomy along with medicine.

5. Chanakya had mastered economics to run the state.

6. Maurya empire became the largest empire of that time only by the recoveries made by Acharya Chanakya.

7. Acharya Chanakya could see the face of any person and tell what the person in front is thinking

8. Chanakya was the first thinker who said that the state should have its own constitution.

9. The Taxila University in which Acharya Chanakya did his studies is now in Afghanistan

10. Acharya Chanakya used to add some amount of poison in his food so that he could withstand the poisonous blow of any enemy of Chandragupta.

11. Although this point was proved wrong later, he resigned his post after being falsely accused of killing Bindusar's mother.

12. Acharya Chanakya's father's name was Chanak who was a teacher from here, Chanakya name was Chanakya and his gotra was Kotil from which he got another name Kautilya.

13. Whenever Chanakya made a plan, he used to make a plan thinking very far and at the same time there was a second plan with every plan.

14. There are two reasons for the death of Acharya Chanakya, the first reason was Chanakya left the body on his own by abandoning food and water and the second reason was the victim of a conspiracy and he died.

15. When Chanakya was born, he had only one tooth in his mouth, seeing that Jain sage had predicted that this boy would become king but hearing this, Chanakya's parents got nervous and said that their son was a If you become a Jain monk or an Acharya, then the Jain monk said that if you want to do this, then you remove its tooth. It will become the creator of the king.

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[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About ISRO | Interesting Facts About ISRO

February 07, 2022

Interesting Facts About ISRO

1. ISRO's Full From is the Indian Space Research Organization. Its headquarters is in Bangalore.

2. About 17 thousand employees and scientists are working in ISRO.

3. ISRO has 13 centers in India.

4. In 1969, on the day of Independence Day, ISRO was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

5. India is also one of the 6 countries (US, Russia, France, Japan, China, and India) that have the capability to make and launch satellites on land.

6. ISRO has so far launched 79 satellites for 21 different countries. And has launched 86 satellites for India.

7. ISRO's first satellite, named Aryabhata, was launched on 19 April 1975 with the help of Russia.

8. Compared to other organizations, ISRO has the highest number of unmarried people.

9. If you talk about the progress of ISRO, then you can guess from this. That is the only country to reach Mars in its first attempt. While the US 5 times, the Soviet Union 8 times, and China, Russia also failed in their first attempt.

10. ISRO has the two most prominent rockets (PSLV and GSLV). The same rocket is sent to the satellite.

11. ISRO has managed to find water on the moon only because of Chandrayaan-1.

12. NASA's internet speed is 91GBps and ISRO's internet speed is 2GBps.

13. ISRO spends in the same year as much as it spends in 40 years.

14. ISRO's First Principle: Space Technology at the Service of Mankind.

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[Amazing Facts]: 30 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About SEX | Interesting Facts About SEX

January 23, 2022

Interesting Facts About SEX

1. Over 100 crore people have sex in a day.

2. By having sex, the headache and stress of a person also end.

3. 25% of the men of this world must be thinking only about sex. (You can also be one of them.)

4. At the height of sex, both men and women have a heartbeat up to 140 minutes per minute.

5. Women have sex about 3000 times by the age of 45. (A normal woman)

6. Men of the penis stand up to the age of 40 in 10 seconds.

7. 30% of the men in the world get premature ejaculation. The cause of their premature ejaculation is believed to be anxiety, sexual abuse, negative image, initial sexual experience.

8. A man extracts about 17 litres of semen in his life.

9. Where there is semen in the body, its temperature is -196.9 ° C.

10. 30-50 million sperm once they come out of masturbation.

11. Greek people have the most sex, they have sex about 138 times a year.

12. As many men in the world, as many sperm can come in a small capsule, and there are so many sperm in the male's penis, that they can be spread by about 400 meters.

13. About 20% of Americans have sex with a colleague.

14. Those who have sex only 1 or 2 times a week, their chances of heart disease are reduced by 30%.

15. 65% of the world's women and 90% of men continue to masturbate periodically.

16 Most sex in America is not in the bedroom but in the car.

17. Eating chocolate before having sex leads to excitement.

18. About 70 per cent of women refuse to have sex during menstruation.

19. When sex is done by putting it in the mouth of your partner, it is called oral sex. Oral sex is not only human but also animals (For example bears, wolves and bats etc.).

20. Women like to have sex the most in the dark.

21. Having sex in the morning is very beneficial for health.

22. Having sex burns 360 calories.

23. Women who study romantic novels enjoy sex more.

24. Sex acts like medicine for good sleep.

25. A lion can have sex up to 50 times a day.

26. Mice can have sex about 20 times a day.

27. The male crocodile's penis is always ready to have sex.

28. A snake is an organism with 2 sex organisms.

29. Sea horses use cow dung to create an environment for sex.

30. A male grasshopper bites the head of a female grasshopper during sex. But even after being beheaded, both continue to have sex.

31. When a man has sex, his brain is exactly like the mind of a drunk alcoholic.

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[Amazing Facts]: 20+ Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Condoms | Interesting Facts About Condoms

January 18, 2022

Interesting Facts About Condoms

1. The word condom is derived from the Latin word condus, the word condus means "box".

2. Up to 1 gallon of water can be filled inside a condom.

3. The most condom in the world is used in South Africa.

4. Condom sales increase by 30% on Valentine's day.

5. On February 14, only 87 condoms are sold in the US every second.

6. The largest Condom so far is 260 long.

7. The oldest condom ever found in Sweden.

8. Women buy more condoms than men.

9. The first rubber condom was made during 1944.

10. If you use a condom properly while having sex, 98% can prevent pregnancy.

11. In about 1350 BC, condoms were made from the intestines of animals.

12. According to Australian law, children cannot buy condoms.

13. Around 5 billion condoms are used every year in the world.

14. The hotter a woman is, the greater are the chances of a man not using condoms.

15. The history of Condom is 15,000 years old. Because in a cave in France, it has been found to be made of condom shape.

16. Condoms are the cheapest means of population control.

17. When creating condoms, an electric current is released inside the condom, which determines whether there is a hole inside the condom.

18. 80% of the men of the world try to have sex without condoms.

19. The condom will remain exactly the same for about 4 years if it is kept in a slightly wet and dry place.

20. Latex condoms protect you from pregnancy and vaginal diseases.

21. Using two condoms simultaneously increases the chances of condom burst.

22. Condoms exist not only for men but also for women. They are also safe and easy to use, they fit inside the condom vagina.

23. A legal condom packet has a "European CE mark" or BSI (British Standards) kitemark.

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Age Does Not Affect the Women of This Country, Does Not Go Out in the Sun

January 25, 2020

We are talking about Taiwan. It is an island, which is part of the Republic of China, combining many of its surrounding islands. As a country from Taiwan, relations with 17 countries of the world remain. The island itself boasts many social cultures. Taiwan has a population of about 2.36 million. 70 per cent of the people here follow Buddhism.

The women of this country are also beautiful and look young for a long time. There is no reason for their catering or makeup, but their beauty has a different secret. Girls living in this country are more vigilant about their appearance. For this reason, they do not get out much in the sun, because they believe that the face becomes dark and bad due to getting out in the sun.

The people of Taiwan believe that getting out in the sun reduces age and so no matter how important the work is, people do not get out in the sun at all. People here also show great interest in sports and hence they remain very fit.

Many of us like to get wet in rain, but Taiwanese people do not like getting wet in rain, unlike us from the country. Especially the women here have a particular allergy from getting wet in the rain. A study has revealed that the people here are very hard working. People work 10 hours a day by working hard. People here become rich at an early age.

There is a strong emphasis on mathematics and science in schools and colleges here. There are also high-speed trains, metros and buses here, but a large number of people will be seen driving scooters. The people here are known for hospitality. Just as there is a tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava: in our country and the guests are like God to us, so also the people of Taiwan believe it.

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The City Where Death Hovers All the Time, People Live in the Shadow of Fear

January 24, 2020

Metsmore was once named the world's most dangerous nuclear power plant because it is built in an earthquake-sensitive area. It is located just 35 kilometers (22 mi) from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. From here one can see the snow-covered Mount Ararat across the border of Turkey.

This nuclear power plant was built in the 1970s along with Chernobyl. In those days, the Metsmore reactor met the growing energy needs of the huge Soviet Union. By 2000, the Soviet Union had targeted to make 60 per cent of its electricity needed by nuclear power, but in 1988 everything changed. A 6.8 magnitude earthquake caused havoc in Armenia. About 25,000 people died in the earthquake. The nuclear power plant had to be shut down for safety reasons, as the power supply was being interrupted in the plant's system. Many workers working at the Metsmore reactor returned to their homes in Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

30 years later, the Metsmore plant and its future are still a subject of discussion in Armenia. People's opinion is divided on this. A reactor here was restarted in 1995, from which 40 percent of Armenia's requirement is electricity. Critics say that this nuclear reactor is still very dangerous because in the area where it is built, there is a geological stir. On the other side are its supporters, including government officials. He says the reactor was originally built on the rocks of the permanent basalt block. There have also been some changes later, making it more secure than before. Amidst this controversy, the lives of the Metsmore Nuclear Plant and the people living in the city are going away.

The city of Metsmore is named after the nuclear reactor itself. This city of the Soviet Union was established as a model city. It was called Atomograd. Trained workers from the entire Soviet Union from the Baltic to Kazakhstan were brought here. There were plans to settle 36,000 residents here. An artificial lake, sports facilities and a cultural center were built for them. In the early days the shops here were full of goods. In those days even in Yerevan, there was a discussion that the best quality butter is available in Metsmore. Construction work was stopped in the city when an earthquake occurred. The lake was emptied.

Two months later, the Soviet Union government decided that the nuclear power plant should be shut down. Disruption in power supply due to sabotage in the Caucasus region meant that it was no longer possible to run the plant safely. People living in half-baked Metsmore found that the city had little employment opportunities for them. Even then the population of the city could not remain stable. The year the earthquake struck, the same year, refugees started coming to Metsmore due to conflict in the disputed Nagorno Korabagh area of ​​Azerbaijan. In the first year of the conflict, more than 450 refugees settled in the outskirts of Metsmore. Now they have built their homes. They are living in a place where there was a plan to build a third housing district in Atmograd.

The Armenia government faced a massive power crisis when the nuclear power plant was shut down. Rationing of power supply had to be done in the entire country. People were provided electricity for only one hour a day. In 1993, it was decided to reopen one of the two units of the plant. Safety standards were remodeled. The reactor is still operating today, but is in need of renovation. Ara Marjanian, an energy expert at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), says, 'The design of the VVR type reactor is very old. For example, it does not have a concrete structure preventing debris from spreading when a possible explosion occurs. ' But he also points out that this reactor suffered the devastating earthquake of Spitak in 1988 and is one of the few reactors in the world that passed the first pressure test since the Fukushima accident.

Today, Metsmore has a population of about 10,000 people, including a large number of children. People living in apartments built about five kilometres from the reactor's cooling tower balance the lack of electricity and the potential danger of the plant. Photographer Catharina Roters says that the memory of the dark years of the power problem is still so fresh in people's minds that they cannot even think of life without this plant. Between 1991 and 1994, Armenia faced a severe power problem. Many times people had to live without electricity.

Today this city needs repair. The roofs here are dripping. The old radiator is cut and bench is made. Yet the sports hall is often full of children. They play football under a dripping roof. The rotors found that people's attitudes towards the nuclear reactor are mixed. They say that families who no longer work in the plant are disappointed about Armenia's economic condition. But those who still work in the plant are much more positive. Some people still feel proud that their city of Atmograd was once a special place.

Anthropologist Hamlet Melkmyan, who studies in Metsmore, says that the older generation of people who have also seen the city of the Soviet Union, consider it a safe house. There is a sense of community and mutual trust here. When people go out, they give the keys of the house to the neighbor. This sense of pride was also on the mind of architect Martin Miquelin when he was planning this ambitious city. It was an honor for him to be selected for this job. Metsmore still has that sense of national pride. The roof of the sports hall was dripping when I visited there in March. People had extended the balcony of their houses and covered it.

The city is not well maintained, but the local people have adapted it accordingly. Motorways that once were built for walking are now parked there. Monthly rent is low here - between $ 30 and $ 60 for a 95-square-meter flat, but people do not live here without their will. The community here is mixed with each other. Van Sedraken, who works at the nuclear plant, also runs Metsmore's Facebook page. He says that everyday people meet outside after work and discuss the news. Our children have a lot of room to play, but we want them to spend their time in studies. I have two daughters I want them to live and work in Metsmore as this is our motherland.

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The World's Most Fearsome Forest, Where People Mysteriously Disappear

January 23, 2020

There are many scary places in the world, where people shy away from going. One such place is also in Transylvania province of Romania, where such mysterious incidents happen that people are afraid to go there too. Let's know about those mysterious incidents that happened at this place ...

This is Hoya Basyu, which is considered one of the most feared forests in the world. This place is called 'Bermuda Triangle of Romania or Transylvania' due to the mysterious events happening here.

Trees appear twisted and crooked in this forest, which looks extremely scary even in daylight. People also see this place by connecting with UFOs (Udaanastastri) and ghosts. Apart from this, it is said that many people have mysteriously disappeared here.

This infamous forest is located in Cluj County, west of the city of Cluj-Napoca. It is spread over 700 acres and is believed to have gone missing hundreds of people.

The first interest of the people about the Hoya Basyu forest was aroused when a shepherd went missing in the area. According to centuries-old legend, the man mysteriously disappeared as he went into the forest. Surprisingly, it was accompanied by 200 sheep at that time.

A few years ago a military technician claimed to have seen a flying rock in this forest. Apart from this, in the year 1968 also, a person named Emil Barnia claimed to have seen a supernatural body in the sky here. Some tourists visiting here have also mentioned some similar incidents.

It is said that some people came here for the purpose of wandering, but he disappeared for some time and then came back later. People say that this forest is inhabited by mysterious powers. People here also hear strange sounds. This is the reason why people do not want to be kept in this forest.

According to Kivandati, in the year 1870, the daughter of a farmer living in a nearby village accidentally entered this forest and disappeared thereafter. The people were surprised when the girl returned from the forest after exactly five years, but she had lost her memory completely. However, he also died after some time.

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[Amazing Facts]: 8 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Eiffel Tower

January 19, 2020

1. The Eiffel Tower has been visited by close to 25 crore people so far, about 7 million people come to see this tower every year.

2. The total height of the Eiffel Tower is 300 meters.

3. The Eiffel Tower can be illuminated every night when it is dark so that this tower is easily visible from far away.

4. The Eiffel Tower was named after Gustav Eiffel, as he built this tower.

5. The Eiffel Tower shrinks by about 6 inches in winter, because this tower is made of metal.

6. Painting the Eiffel Tower takes paint equal to the weight of 10 elephants.

7. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 to mark 100 years of the French Revolution.

8. If someone builds the Eiffel Tower today, they will have to spend about $ 31 million.

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[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Statue of Unity

January 18, 2020

1. 57,00,000 kg of structural steel has been used in making the Statue of Unity.

2. The 182-meter high Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world.

3. It has cost 2989 crore to build this idol installed in Kevadia in Narmada district of Gujarat.

4. It took 44 months to build the Statue of Unity.

5. The 'Loha Daan' campaign was run for the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Iron donation was sought from common people from many corners of the country. Which was melted and used to make the statue.

6. 2 crores 25 lakh kg of cement was used to make the statue.

7. 'Statue of Unity' has a 153-meter long gallery for the audience, which can hold 200 people at a time.

8. The 'Statue of Unity' has been designed such that even an earthquake or a wind blowing at a speed of 180 km / h cannot harm this statue.

9. The 'Statue of Unity' can also be seen from 7 km away.

10. The 'Statue of Unity' is twice as high as the US-based Statue of Liberty.

11. The 306-meter walkway at the top of the Statue of Unity has been completely prepared with marble.

12. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Ekta Trust has also been formed for the Statue of Unity.

13. There is also a museum below the Statue of Unity, in this museum things associated with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel will be placed.

14. To reach the Statue of Unity you have to go by boat.

15. You will have to pay Rs 300 to see the Statue of Unity.

16. Four metals have been used in this statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Because of which there will be no war with the rain.

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