[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Chanakya

Interesting Facts About Chanakya

1. Chanakya was born in 371 BCE to a Brahmin family.

2. Acharya Chanakya was the most learned and learned person of his time.

3. Even today all the policy of the world is based on Chanakya policy.

4. Acharya Chanakya Ji had a great knowledge of astronomy along with medicine.

5. Chanakya had mastered economics to run the state.

6. Maurya empire became the largest empire of that time only by the recoveries made by Acharya Chanakya.

7. Acharya Chanakya could see the face of any person and tell what the person in front is thinking

8. Chanakya was the first thinker who said that the state should have its own constitution.

9. The Taxila University in which Acharya Chanakya did his studies is now in Afghanistan

10. Acharya Chanakya used to add some amount of poison in his food so that he could withstand the poisonous blow of any enemy of Chandragupta.

11. Although this point was proved wrong later, he resigned his post after being falsely accused of killing Bindusar's mother.

12. Acharya Chanakya's father's name was Chanak who was a teacher from here, Chanakya name was Chanakya and his gotra was Kotil from which he got another name Kautilya.

13. Whenever Chanakya made a plan, he used to make a plan thinking very far and at the same time there was a second plan with every plan.

14. There are two reasons for the death of Acharya Chanakya, the first reason was Chanakya left the body on his own by abandoning food and water and the second reason was the victim of a conspiracy and he died.

15. When Chanakya was born, he had only one tooth in his mouth, seeing that Jain sage had predicted that this boy would become king but hearing this, Chanakya's parents got nervous and said that their son was a If you become a Jain monk or an Acharya, then the Jain monk said that if you want to do this, then you remove its tooth. It will become the creator of the king.