[Amazing Facts]: 30 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About SEX | Interesting Facts About SEX

Interesting Facts About SEX

1. Over 100 crore people have sex in a day.

2. By having sex, the headache and stress of a person also end.

3. 25% of the men of this world must be thinking only about sex. (You can also be one of them.)

4. At the height of sex, both men and women have a heartbeat up to 140 minutes per minute.

5. Women have sex about 3000 times by the age of 45. (A normal woman)

6. Men of the penis stand up to the age of 40 in 10 seconds.

7. 30% of the men in the world get premature ejaculation. The cause of their premature ejaculation is believed to be anxiety, sexual abuse, negative image, initial sexual experience.

8. A man extracts about 17 litres of semen in his life.

9. Where there is semen in the body, its temperature is -196.9 ° C.

10. 30-50 million sperm once they come out of masturbation.

11. Greek people have the most sex, they have sex about 138 times a year.

12. As many men in the world, as many sperm can come in a small capsule, and there are so many sperm in the male's penis, that they can be spread by about 400 meters.

13. About 20% of Americans have sex with a colleague.

14. Those who have sex only 1 or 2 times a week, their chances of heart disease are reduced by 30%.

15. 65% of the world's women and 90% of men continue to masturbate periodically.

16 Most sex in America is not in the bedroom but in the car.

17. Eating chocolate before having sex leads to excitement.

18. About 70 per cent of women refuse to have sex during menstruation.

19. When sex is done by putting it in the mouth of your partner, it is called oral sex. Oral sex is not only human but also animals (For example bears, wolves and bats etc.).

20. Women like to have sex the most in the dark.

21. Having sex in the morning is very beneficial for health.

22. Having sex burns 360 calories.

23. Women who study romantic novels enjoy sex more.

24. Sex acts like medicine for good sleep.

25. A lion can have sex up to 50 times a day.

26. Mice can have sex about 20 times a day.

27. The male crocodile's penis is always ready to have sex.

28. A snake is an organism with 2 sex organisms.

29. Sea horses use cow dung to create an environment for sex.

30. A male grasshopper bites the head of a female grasshopper during sex. But even after being beheaded, both continue to have sex.

31. When a man has sex, his brain is exactly like the mind of a drunk alcoholic.