The World's Most Fearsome Forest, Where People Mysteriously Disappear

There are many scary places in the world, where people shy away from going. One such place is also in Transylvania province of Romania, where such mysterious incidents happen that people are afraid to go there too. Let's know about those mysterious incidents that happened at this place ...

This is Hoya Basyu, which is considered one of the most feared forests in the world. This place is called 'Bermuda Triangle of Romania or Transylvania' due to the mysterious events happening here.

Trees appear twisted and crooked in this forest, which looks extremely scary even in daylight. People also see this place by connecting with UFOs (Udaanastastri) and ghosts. Apart from this, it is said that many people have mysteriously disappeared here.

This infamous forest is located in Cluj County, west of the city of Cluj-Napoca. It is spread over 700 acres and is believed to have gone missing hundreds of people.

The first interest of the people about the Hoya Basyu forest was aroused when a shepherd went missing in the area. According to centuries-old legend, the man mysteriously disappeared as he went into the forest. Surprisingly, it was accompanied by 200 sheep at that time.

A few years ago a military technician claimed to have seen a flying rock in this forest. Apart from this, in the year 1968 also, a person named Emil Barnia claimed to have seen a supernatural body in the sky here. Some tourists visiting here have also mentioned some similar incidents.

It is said that some people came here for the purpose of wandering, but he disappeared for some time and then came back later. People say that this forest is inhabited by mysterious powers. People here also hear strange sounds. This is the reason why people do not want to be kept in this forest.

According to Kivandati, in the year 1870, the daughter of a farmer living in a nearby village accidentally entered this forest and disappeared thereafter. The people were surprised when the girl returned from the forest after exactly five years, but she had lost her memory completely. However, he also died after some time.