Here Girls Sleep With Men but Do Not Live, Your Mind Will Be Shocked Because of the Reason

Walking marriage is a marriage in which either of the two partners can go out of the relationship. In this marriage, the woman plays the main character. This Muso caste society is also considered to be female-dominated. Women have the right to choose men and even to take important decisions. Not only this, women are completely free to choose more than one partner.

The men of the Muso race do not live with women. They are busy all day fishing, hunting and other things. Only go to sleep with their partner at night. The most important thing in the Museo society is that here a 13-year-old girl gets the right to love any man.

After the girl attains her age, she is given her own separate room, where she can spend time with the boy of her choice. In this relationship, the man does not give any kind of financial help to the woman, even after having a child, his full responsibility remains on the mother and her family members.

The foundation of this relationship does not depend on marriage or any formality. These people can willingly spend their whole life together or even change their partner. This relationship is not as strange as it seems. Most people here are very loyal to their partner. They love selflessly even without any bond-like marriage. It is not necessary that the mother knows who her father is, this thing is not highlighted here.

This area of ​​southwest China is considered a special centre of tourism. People have built raw houses on the banks of the lake, where the tourists coming from outside can live. These Mooso tribes also entertain people by performing traditional dances. Many people come here just to see these women.