[Amazing Facts]: 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About ISRO | Interesting Facts About ISRO

Interesting Facts About ISRO

1. ISRO's Full From is the Indian Space Research Organization. Its headquarters is in Bangalore.

2. About 17 thousand employees and scientists are working in ISRO.

3. ISRO has 13 centers in India.

4. In 1969, on the day of Independence Day, ISRO was founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

5. India is also one of the 6 countries (US, Russia, France, Japan, China, and India) that have the capability to make and launch satellites on land.

6. ISRO has so far launched 79 satellites for 21 different countries. And has launched 86 satellites for India.

7. ISRO's first satellite, named Aryabhata, was launched on 19 April 1975 with the help of Russia.

8. Compared to other organizations, ISRO has the highest number of unmarried people.

9. If you talk about the progress of ISRO, then you can guess from this. That is the only country to reach Mars in its first attempt. While the US 5 times, the Soviet Union 8 times, and China, Russia also failed in their first attempt.

10. ISRO has the two most prominent rockets (PSLV and GSLV). The same rocket is sent to the satellite.

11. ISRO has managed to find water on the moon only because of Chandrayaan-1.

12. NASA's internet speed is 91GBps and ISRO's internet speed is 2GBps.

13. ISRO spends in the same year as much as it spends in 40 years.

14. ISRO's First Principle: Space Technology at the Service of Mankind.