[Amazing Secret]: Top 5 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World

Top 5 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 

These intelligence agencies of the country work for the security of the country. For your information, tell these people, they keep news of the moment of their country apart from their country. These people thwart the false intentions of their spying enemies. So let's know the world's top 5 most dangerous intelligence agencies:

RAW of India
India is the country's intelligence RAW (RAW). Its full name is Research and Analysis Wing. RA was founded in 1968. RAW is considered as the world's most powerful intelligence agency. Only the Prime Minister of the country can ask for answers from this agency, no one else. If we talk about its headquarters, then its headquarters are located in Delhi. This agency maintains complete information about foreign affairs, criminals and terrorists.

Pakistan's ISI
Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)
Was established in the year 1948. It is headquartered in Shahrah A Sohrawardy, Islamabad. Its foundation was British Army Officer of Australian descent, Major General R. Cathom, who was then chief of the Pakistani Army Staff. ISI is accused of promoting terrorism in the name of protecting the country, it is believed to be the hand in many terrorist attacks.

CIA of America
The US intelligence agency is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It was founded in 1947 by Harry A. Truman. It is headquartered in Virginia, near Washington. Apart from the CIA, the US has three more agencies named agencies NSA, DIA and FBI. It works for all cybercrime, preventing terrorism and protecting the country.

Israel's MOSSAD
Israel's intelligence agency Mossad is considered the godfather of all the world's agencies. This agency also reports directly to the Prime Minister like India. This agency was established in 1949. It is believed that whoever comes to Mossad's sight and hides in any corner of the world, this agency finds him. The agency has been involved in some of the world's most daring underworld operations.

MSS of China
China's intelligence agency MSS, the Ministry of State Security, is the largest intelligence agency. The Ministry of State Safety (MSS) was created in 1983. It is headquartered in Beijing. This agency is responsible for conducting counterintelligence operations and foreign intelligence operations.