[Amazing Facts]: 20+ Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Condoms | Interesting Facts About Condoms

Interesting Facts About Condoms

1. The word condom is derived from the Latin word condus, the word condus means "box".

2. Up to 1 gallon of water can be filled inside a condom.

3. The most condom in the world is used in South Africa.

4. Condom sales increase by 30% on Valentine's day.

5. On February 14, only 87 condoms are sold in the US every second.

6. The largest Condom so far is 260 long.

7. The oldest condom ever found in Sweden.

8. Women buy more condoms than men.

9. The first rubber condom was made during 1944.

10. If you use a condom properly while having sex, 98% can prevent pregnancy.

11. In about 1350 BC, condoms were made from the intestines of animals.

12. According to Australian law, children cannot buy condoms.

13. Around 5 billion condoms are used every year in the world.

14. The hotter a woman is, the greater are the chances of a man not using condoms.

15. The history of Condom is 15,000 years old. Because in a cave in France, it has been found to be made of condom shape.

16. Condoms are the cheapest means of population control.

17. When creating condoms, an electric current is released inside the condom, which determines whether there is a hole inside the condom.

18. 80% of the men of the world try to have sex without condoms.

19. The condom will remain exactly the same for about 4 years if it is kept in a slightly wet and dry place.

20. Latex condoms protect you from pregnancy and vaginal diseases.

21. Using two condoms simultaneously increases the chances of condom burst.

22. Condoms exist not only for men but also for women. They are also safe and easy to use, they fit inside the condom vagina.

23. A legal condom packet has a "European CE mark" or BSI (British Standards) kitemark.