Age Does Not Affect the Women of This Country, Does Not Go Out in the Sun

We are talking about Taiwan. It is an island, which is part of the Republic of China, combining many of its surrounding islands. As a country from Taiwan, relations with 17 countries of the world remain. The island itself boasts many social cultures. Taiwan has a population of about 2.36 million. 70 per cent of the people here follow Buddhism.

The women of this country are also beautiful and look young for a long time. There is no reason for their catering or makeup, but their beauty has a different secret. Girls living in this country are more vigilant about their appearance. For this reason, they do not get out much in the sun, because they believe that the face becomes dark and bad due to getting out in the sun.

The people of Taiwan believe that getting out in the sun reduces age and so no matter how important the work is, people do not get out in the sun at all. People here also show great interest in sports and hence they remain very fit.

Many of us like to get wet in rain, but Taiwanese people do not like getting wet in rain, unlike us from the country. Especially the women here have a particular allergy from getting wet in the rain. A study has revealed that the people here are very hard working. People work 10 hours a day by working hard. People here become rich at an early age.

There is a strong emphasis on mathematics and science in schools and colleges here. There are also high-speed trains, metros and buses here, but a large number of people will be seen driving scooters. The people here are known for hospitality. Just as there is a tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava: in our country and the guests are like God to us, so also the people of Taiwan believe it.