How Fair is It to Compare Modi to Hitler?

How Fair is It to Compare Modi to Hitler?

After Britishers left us, power fell into the hands of some social elites. They designed and developed the idea of India. Using their political power, they developed an ecosystem which consists of academia, bureaucrats, people from the film industry, writers, media and pushed their idea of India.

Their idea of India consists of
  1. Appeasement politics based on caste, religion and region. Pseudo secularism.
  2. Rule of elites and aristocracy. Corridors of power should be in the hands of few elites and their “favourite” people.
  3. Socialist economic policy. While the top few elites all the luxuries in life.
  4. Romanticize with two religions while constantly denigrate and defile majority people, religion and culture. Pseudo Liberalism.

Now, in the current situation, this idea of India is challenged, to the core by the common people of this country.
  1. We are slowly moving towards a truly secular society. Why any group should have special privileges?
  2. Why can’t a “Chaiwala”, a mine worker, a local party worker from a poor background become PM or CM?
  3. Why can’t we, the common people also enjoy all the luxuries in our life?
  4. Why can’t I, belonging to the majority community assert my cultural and social rights?

The second thing is, these social elites had complete control over intellectual discourse and all the means of communication and information. This enabled them to push their idea on us without any hindrance, competition and dissent. They modified the history to suit the agenda. They defined every aspect of our life. Now common people are challenging them. They are correcting them. They are often ridiculed. If you debate with them, they cannot hold. Their idea of democracy, secularism, liberalism is waning.

Same is the case with our PM, Modi Ji. He does not come from an aristocratic family like youth leader Rahul Gandhi, Chidambaram, neither he can communicate in a suave way like Tharoor neither he belongs to upper caste like Raja Digvijay. He is a person who has reached the pinnacle with sheer hard work. These elites using all their might tried to defeat him but they have lost. And they cannot accept this failure.

The “social elites” who were ruling this country and were holding resources are not able to swallow this bitter pill. Anyone who is against “their” idea of India is termed as fascist, communal and are compared to Hitler.
(The Emergency of 1975, the Sikh genocide of 1984 and Kashmir Genocide of 1989 are the only three incidences which come close to the rule of Hitler. And all these incidences took place under the rule of these liberals, seculars and saviours of democracy and human rights.)