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Top 15 Places to Visit in South India

April 08, 2023

Top 15 Places to Visit in South India

  1. Kerala Backwaters: Explore the picturesque network of lagoons and canals that run parallel to the Arabian Sea coast.

  2. Hampi, Karnataka: Visit the ancient city of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its stunning architecture and historical significance.

  3. Munnar, Kerala: Enjoy the lush green tea plantations and refreshing weather in the beautiful hill station of Munnar.

  4. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: Discover the ancient temples and monuments of this historic town that date back to the 7th century.

  5. Coorg, Karnataka: Get lost in the lush green hills and coffee plantations of Coorg, also known as the "Scotland of India."

  6. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu: Explore the French Quarter of Pondicherry, which is known for its colonial architecture, delicious food, and serene beaches.

  7. Ooty, Tamil Nadu: Visit the popular hill station of Ooty, also known as the "Queen of Hill Stations," which is famous for its scenic beauty and colonial charm.

  8. Alleppey, Kerala: Experience the beauty of the Kerala backwaters by taking a houseboat ride in Alleppey, also known as "Venice of the East."

  9. Goa: Enjoy the laid-back vibe of this beach destination, famous for its beautiful beaches, seafood, and nightlife.

  10. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu: Visit the charming hill station of Kodaikanal, famous for its beautiful lakes and lush green forests.

  11. Gokarna, Karnataka: Explore the beautiful beaches and temples of this coastal town, known for its scenic beauty and spiritual significance.

  12. Madurai, Tamil Nadu: Visit the ancient city of Madurai, famous for its magnificent temples and rich cultural heritage.

  13. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: Visit Coimbatore, the gateway to several popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu, known for its pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes.

  14. Wayanad, Kerala: Visit the beautiful hill station of Wayanad, famous for its scenic beauty, wildlife, and adventure activities.

  15. Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh: Visit the ancient temple town of Tirupati, famous for its Sri Venkateswara Temple, one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world.

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