Nagaland Travel Itinerary | Nagaland: A Land of Hidden Treasures

Nagaland Travel Itinerary

Certainly! Here's a suggested travel itinerary for Nagaland, a beautiful state in northeastern India known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse tribes, and scenic landscapes:

Day 1: Arrive in Kohima
- Arrive at Dimapur Airport, the nearest airport to Nagaland.
- Transfer to Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland.
- Check into your hotel and rest for a while.
- Explore the local markets and streets of Kohima, known for their vibrant atmosphere.
- Visit the Kohima War Cemetery, a memorial dedicated to the soldiers who died during World War II.

Day 2: Kohima Sightseeing
- Start the day with a visit to the State Museum of Nagaland, showcasing the history and culture of the region.
- Visit the Kisama Heritage Village, located about 10 kilometers away from Kohima. It is a recreated traditional Naga village and hosts the Hornbill Festival in December.
- Explore the Kohima Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in Northeast India, known for its stunning architecture.
- Enjoy panoramic views of Kohima from Japfu Peak, the second-highest peak in Nagaland.

Day 3: Touphema Village
- Drive to Touphema Village, located around 41 kilometers from Kohima.
- Experience the traditional Naga way of life by staying in a community-run guesthouse.
- Participate in cultural activities, such as folk dances, traditional music performances, and handicraft demonstrations.
- Interact with the locals and learn about their customs and traditions.

Day 4: Mokokchung
- Depart for Mokokchung, a scenic town known for its picturesque landscapes and warm hospitality.
- Visit the Mokokchung Village, a traditional Ao Naga village, and explore its unique architecture and cultural practices.
- Explore the Ungma Village, one of the oldest and largest Ao Naga villages in Nagaland.
- Visit the District Museum, which showcases artifacts and exhibits related to the history and culture of Mokokchung.

Day 5: Longkhum Village and Doyang River
- Drive to Longkhum Village, located approximately 17 kilometers from Mokokchung.
- Explore the village and admire its traditional houses and stone monoliths.
- Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding valleys from the Longkhum Viewpoint.
- Proceed to the Doyang River and spend some time by the riverbanks, enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Day 6: Dimapur and Departure
- Drive back to Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagaland.
- Visit the Kachari Ruins, ancient ruins dating back to the 10th century, known for their unique architecture.
- Explore the local markets of Dimapur and shop for traditional Naga handicrafts and textiles.
- Depart from Dimapur Airport, marking the end of your Nagaland journey.

Please note that this itinerary is flexible, and you can adjust it according to your preferences and the time you have available. Also, it's essential to check the current COVID-19 guidelines and travel restrictions before planning your trip to Nagaland.