Impulse Buying Examples | Most Common Items Bought in Impulse Buying

Impulse Buying Examples:

  1. Expensive Phones
  2. Expensive Clothes
  3. Expensive Jewelry
  4. Expensive Watches
  5. Home Decor
  6. Toys for Kids
  7. Flot or House
  8. Household
  9. Takeout and Delivery
  10. Anything Unplanned

Most Common Items Bought in Impulse Buying

  1. Snacks at the grocery checkout
  2. Clothes on sale
  3. Electronics gadgets
  4. Luxury items
  5. Impulsive vacations
  6. Unplanned restaurant meals
  7. Beauty products at a salon
  8. Convenience store items
  9. Impulsive car purchases
  10. Gourmet food products
  11. Toys for children
  12. Unnecessary home décor items
  13. Unplanned event tickets
  14. Impulsive pet purchases
  15. High-end jewelry
  16. Unplanned home appliances
  17. Beauty treatments at a spa
  18. Premium liquor and wine
  19. Unnecessary tech gadgets
  20. Impulsive fashion accessories.
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