Best Backpack Brands in India | Top 10 best Backpack Brands in India

Best Backpack Brands in India

  1. Safari
  2. Sky bags
  3. Nasher Miles
  4. Killer
  5. Gear
  6. American Tourister
  7. Fastrack
  8. Puma
  9. Nike
  10. Swiss Military

Top 10 best Backpack Brands in India

  1. Wildcraft
  2. American Tourister
  3. Nike
  4. Puma
  5. Fastrack
  6. Skybags
  7. Samsonite
  8. F Gear
  9. HP
  10. Dell.

Top 10 best Backpack Brands in India:

1. American Tourister

This popular backpack brand is a part of Samsonite. Astrum International took over Tourister in the year 2009, which is also a parent organization of Samsonite. Among various accessories they manufacture are backpacks. This lightweight laptop back delivered by this company makes the carrying experience all easier!

They have kept up the promise of delivering the best laptop backpack in the market, where you can choose from a range of traditional to trendy designs. They cater to the choices of all tastes, and the products are unisex, making choices. Simple. With durable materials like polyester and nylon in use, they have crafted both the interiors and the exteriors smartly to meet all purposes, be it a professional meeting or a regular school schedule! The padding in the interiors is scientifically placed to protect your laptop from all injuries.

Besides, the multiple pocket system makes organizing stuffs way more efficient. The extra cushioning on the shoulder straps makes it ergonomically designed, as you can smoothly carry it around without any shoulder ache or bonus stress. Commute freely, putting this backpack on your shoulders, and you can hardly feel the burden on your back! It can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches comfortably and relieves you of worry in case you have a large laptop.

The complete range of backpacks provided by Tourister is tested in all possible circumstances so that it gives you the comfort of traveling in the most challenging and fast-paced city life. The organizing pockets allow you to slide in the regular knick-knacks, making it an ideal choice for a long, tedious journey!

  • Conveniently priced
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Range of modern, chic designs to choose from
  • Small compartments may cause inconvenience
  • Beware, several fake copies are available in the market

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from American Tourister:

2. Skybags

VIP is the most popular brand of luggage trusted by Indians. The travel counterpart of this brand is Skybags. Since its launch, Skybags has enormously grasped the interest of the school kids and the travel enthusiast with their travel-friendly backpack. The backpacks are designed to meet the everyday needs of the school going teenager and also that travel freak person who has the excitement of going for a backpacking trip.

Skybags logo can be easily traced to any college or school going individual. Its lightness, durability and comfortable pricing make it an easily accessible range of bags and backpacks. The long-lasting feature of this brand makes it the most obvious choice for anybody who would use it regularly or would head for a difficult journey. It features both a zip closure along with drawstring closure options dedicated to the compartments. The backpacks also come with rain-cover, and the material in use also makes it water-resistant to some extent. You can choose from the options of water-resistant and the semi water-resistant options available in the stores. They come in various shapes like geometric, solids, graphic and also gives a variety of texture options.

The backpacks give a multi-faceted approach as you can carry it on all occasions because of their chic and unique designs. The straps which are padded make it easier to carry, and you don’t need to worry about the persistent backaches due to overloading stuff. Hence it’s one of the top backpack brands in India.

  • Adjustable straps which are padded makes it comfortable to carry from one place to another
  • It can be easily used as travel bags
  • It provides the right quality product which serves for long years
  • Logo is not fixed sturdily, and hence there are chances that it might rip off
  • Designs are a tad bit compact, minimizing the storage options

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Skybags:

3. Wildcraft

A famous backpack brand originating in India, Wildcraft is Based in Bangalore. They have grasped the backpack market considerably and provides fierce competition to big brands like Tourister and Skybags.

They are college favorites being available in various cool designs and colors. It is very durable, which calls for long-term usage. The backpacks designed by this brand are spacious, allowing a greater packing area for carrying all the necessary belongings. You can comfortably use this back for school, college, and also for recreational purposes. The distinct hues available gives the backpacks that extra pop of color, allowing you to take it for a casual weekend ride or a for a get-together! The materials used for the backpacks are nature-friendly and PVC is not used in its production.

The backpacks are compact, offering many compartments so that the organization becomes easier. The padded straps are adjustable, which ensures that you can carry the backpacks for hours without any stress to your backbone. They also feature a pocket on the side of the bags made of fabric to bring the bottle. Besides, the loop feature allows you to grab hold of the bag when in a hurry! The Wildcraft Wolf and Wiki Backpacks by Wildcraft are some backpack ranges by this brand, which has made a prominent impression on all backpacker’s minds! The quirky designs are available for both men and women, making these backpacks a must buy if you are considering a long-term, completely hassle-free usage.

  • Ideal for long term use due to the use of highly durable material.
  • A wide range of popping colors are available from this brand, which ensures its multi-purpose usage.
  • Compact yet spacious.
  • They are shower-proof and not really waterproof.
  • Wildcraft backpacks can a bit more expensive than the American Tourister counterparts.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Wildcraft:

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an America based brand that primarily dealt with clothing. Besides, the universal appeal for their clothes, the brand has received many applauds for the amazing backpacks they produce. For all those who are intrigued by big brands, it will surely be all praises for Hilfiger! It is not just the name, which plays the card for this company, but their products are indeed worth the praise.

The Hilfiger backpacks are ideally suited for the ones who are inspired by the classy styles. With solid colors and print designs, they inevitably reflect the classy retro style. It is perfect for any professional use, as they radiate that highly sophisticated charm. The branding, along with the kind of backpack they produce, will steal everybody’s attention in your next board meeting! The backpack is designed to ensure comfort to the user and in a way, such that it is functional to the utmost level.

The backpacks feature padded straps with a soft cushioning for your backbone. This provides an ultra-comfort to your spine as you are travelling long-distances with the backpack on! They offer bright hues, but at the same time radiates a professional look. They are manufactured with very durable fabric and lasts long. The brand claims that they are specifically designed to last through rugged terrains and intense use. Hence, with drawstring and zip closure, you can easily make this backpack your everyday office partner!

  • It can tolerate intense pressure and is best for daily usage.
  • The backpack is resistant to water, dirt and severe weather conditions.
    Has a classy look.
  • Colors offered by this brand are not so vivid, so those in favor of quirky colors will not be satisfied.
  • This brand can be a burden to your pocket, depending on the product you choose.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Tommy Hilfiger:

5. F Gear

This backpack produced by this brand would be ideally suited for men. F gear Casual is a backpack brand releasing designs that are chic and comfortable. The stylish look of these backpacks has earned a lot of appreciation, and they have been Amazon’s best choice for quite some time now! Besides, it is the #1 best seller bag for laptops in India.

Now coming to the specifications. You’ll be surprised as this compact bag gives you that leather finish, which will stun anybody around. The synthetic material, which makes the outer cover gives a chic look and also adds to the safety of the backpack. They are highly water-resistant and comes in an array of colors. Be it solid, textured, color-blocked or graphic designs, and they have it all! The shoulder straps are highly padded, giving you that extra comfort that is required in a long time travelling. They have a drawstring, flip and zip closure as per your interest. You can easily carry your water bottle in the side mesh, which provides an added advantage.

The F Gear Casual promises to give you the ideal combination of comfort along with affordability. The prices are budget-friendly, making the purchase worth for money. They generally come with a single compartment for organizing all the stuff. This can very well be the perfect bag for your next out of station business trip. Carry the laptop at ease without hurting your spine, while enjoying that sophisticated look! All this, made us include FGear in the best backpack brands in India.

  • They are highly water-resistant, relieving you off all the anxiety of a rain cover
  • The affordable pricing of the F Gear products will win them brownie points.
  • Gives you that classy yet professional style statement to your attire.
  • The bags are designed to carry laptops within thirteen inches range, hence not suited for larger ones.
  • It comes with a single compartment with a laptop space.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from FGear Casual:

6. Nike

The brand has always been an athlete’s favorite! Nike has been ruling the sportswear and accessories market for over a decade. The America based international brand is trusted for its quality and design. When they had released their backpack range, it too got sold like hotcakes!

The Nike backpack is challenging to miss out on! The attractive brand logo, with a trusted fan base, has been able to woo the backpack market. They are highly inspired by football, and their designs are largely inspired by the same. So, it is really difficult for any football fanatic to give Nike backpack a miss! Especially, the Nike backpacks with football-inspired look and design are targeted towards the male audience.

Nike offers you all that you would want in a comfortable backpack. The backpacks give a combined play and work-look in a single bag. It can add to the style statement as an appropriate accessory and is perfect for the smart, professional look too! The entire space that is offered in these bags is super amazing. The bags can house, from anything to everything. Stuff your regular necessities along with the laptop for any casual tour or a business meeting, and you can travel worry-free!

It comes within the best-selling laptop backpack in India for their comfort and style combination. It offers you a range of designs from geometric to color-blocked to solid textured appearance. The comfortable padded straps and the beautiful variety of colors make them the brand you would like to have. They are super light and features a back padding, which provides extra comfort to the backbone. The top loop added to these backpacks ensures that you have an alternative option to carry them.

  • They feature the super-stylish design.
  • Comfort is their key.
  • Can be heavy on your pocket.
  • Lack of unisex products.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Nike:

7. Puma

Puma is a brand, which is well known for making the ultimate sportswear, including shoes and apparel. Since long, they have catered to the need of incorporating the essential with style! It is a brand that is based in Germany and has been ruling with its products for sports, casual or gym wear. When this brand came up with a series of backpack ranges, they have created wonders with their ultimate combination of style, comfort, resistance, and toughness.

No wonder Puma backpack caters to most of the essential requirements that you would search for in an ideal backpack! They are inspired by the vision that you can store anything in these compact yet spacious backpack range. So, you have ample space to store whatever necessities you require. The super water-resistant facility with the thinness of the materials put to use is the bonus!

The most important thing that Puma caters to is safety. You can comfortably use them for a hiking or trekking expedition as these bags are suited to accommodate in the rough terrains. The straps are really strong such that you don’t face inconvenience in the middle of your journey with broken straps. They are designed to carry heavy stuff, and you don’t need to think of getting the bag overloaded. The distinct range of colors offered by Puma is exotic, and you will get the ideal combination of your choice. They provide different designs, from graphics to solid.

  • It comes with a multi-compartment facility, which enables you to carry many things.
  • Ideal as both casual and sporty accessory.
  • The extreme lightweight and water resistance makes them the choice to be.
  • Not a perfect bag for a professional or formal look.
  • The budget comes with a price for the brand.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Puma:

8. Fastrack

Be it sports or casual accessories. Fastrack has won over the Indian market for decades. This Indian accessory brand has an entire selection of backpacks curated for everyday needs. They were launched in 2005 as a sub-brand of Titan. Since its emergence, Fastrack has turned out to be the household favorites as they offer an affordable range of backpacks that are long-lasting and durable.

Fastrack backpacks are stylish and primarily cater to any school and college-goer. The stylish and chic designs offered by this brand with their distinct color range is sure to attract many young minds — Fastrack as specially curated backpacks keeping the requirements of the school and college kids. The designs are well suited to carry the books and comes with different bright shades ideal for any casual outing.

They feature unisex bags, and hence there is hardly any hassle for differentiating the bag between your son and daughter. Besides, the quality they provide is perfect for the rough uses in schools and colleges. They also have a range of backpacks that come with a laptop slot. So, you would get any feature combination that you desire. The plus points of a Fastrack backpack is that they have multiple pocket systems, both in the interiors and exteriors with mesh pockets so that you can organize all the knick-knacks easily.

The Fasttrack backpacks are generally the choice you would make if you want a long-lasting service for a daily use item. Their comfortable pricing is the key to the brand’s popularity.

  • They are durable with a style quotient.
  • The prices are affordable for any backpack from this brand.
  • It has a bright range of popping colors to chose from.
  • The laptop paddings are not sturdy enough to support the laptop.
  • They are not waterproof, but water-resistant backpacks and would require rain cover.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Fastrack:

9. Mi India (Xiaomi)

Who doesn’t know Xiaomi? The rapidly growing smartphone brand has come up with a range of classy backpack ranges from Mi. Any fan of their smartphones will not miss out on the products launched by Mi brand. The backpacks offered by Xiaomi are stylish, quirky, and ensures durability. This worldwide popular brand has launched stunning travel backpacks.

Mi backpacks are suitable for college students, graduates, and people doing business. There is no worry about getting yourself the misfit choice! The designs will uplift your style quotient exquisitely. The colors are bright and fun, giving that extra edge to your look. The adjustable straps allow you to alter the height whenever required. Besides these features, they have come up with stash pockets by which you can easily access the small Knitty Gritty that you would need on a journey!

The backpacks are light and durable, which is an added advantage. The lightness of the material in use is flexible to be used in the monsoons as they are resistant to water. Be it a party or casual trip or a visit to the gym, the backpacks from Mi are suited to cater to all the looks that you would like to put on with their modern design and vibrant colors.

  • It comes with a range of vibrant colors and designs.
  • Ideal for business trips and school and college-goers.
  • They are durable and firm.
  • Little small in size.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Mi:

10. Gear

An America based international brand that masters in the production of backpacks. From school backpacks to the backpacks suited for trips, they provide an extraordinary range that will spoil you with options. They attempt to offer you the best backpack quality in a field that would not disturb your budget.

This company comes up with a lot of designs and colors. There are several backpacks available under this brand that can be used by a diverse range of people for varied purposes. They are designed keeping in mind the different utilities of a backpack in your home! They come with different color options, which are bright and quirky. With distinct and unique motifs, it gives you that distinctive edge and a break from the regular bags. The backpacks add to the style quotient of your everyday look. To speak of the critical characteristics, they come with adjustable straps and grand and handle. Along with these, it also features anti-sweat padding so that you are relieved of the sweaty discomfort on your dress due to a long time travelling.

You can easily choose from the various products they produce. Some are designed to ensure laptop compatibility while others don’t. There are also a host of options to choose from depending on the types and style of pocket that you would require. They are highly durable, and the materials ensure that it serves you the utmost for the price you pay.

  • They are super affordable for the backpacks that you get from this brand.
  • There are ample choices from which you can choose the perfect one!
  • The anti-sweat feature is a bonus advantage in these products.
  • They are not entirely waterproof; hence, it would be ideal to choose with rain cover features.
  • Not the ideal backpack for a professional or formal event.

Top 3 Quality Backpacks from Gear Backpacks: