Is Islam dangerous for world? | Islam Is a Religion of Violence?

Is Islam dangerous for the world?

i come from lebanon i was born and raised in lebanon which used to be the only majority christian country in the middle east we were open-minded we were fair we were tolerant we were multicultural we prided ourselves on our multiculturalism we had open border policy we welcomed everyone to come to our country because we wanted to share with them the westernization which we had created in the heart of the arabic world muslims used to send their children to study in our universities because we had built the best universities in the arabic world they graduated and worked in our economy because we had built the best economy in the middle east even though we did not have any oil beirut became paris of the middle east the banking capital of the middle east in 1965 national geographic magazine had on its front cover lebanon eden of the middle east unfortunately all this began to change as the years went by see we got our independence in the early 40s but by the 60s and 70s the christians had become the minority and the muslims had become the majority in lebanon and as the islamic um population grew in the country the country became less and less tolerant because they started pushing for more rights that were not compatible without with our judeo-christian value system that we had created and that's when the problems started the problem was contained until the influx of the palestinians out of jordan in 1970 when lebanon brought them in because we already had refugee camps actually at that time lebanon was the only country in the middle east to accept the third wave of palestinians into lebanon the majority of them were muslims they put their heads together with the muslims in lebanon and declared jihad on the christians what they wanted to do is create a base from which to fight israel kill the jews and throw them into the sea something they tried to do in jordan yes arafat and the palestinians tried to do in jordan but they failed because of the dictatorship of the king yet they were able to come to lebanon use our open-mindedness our fairness our tolerance our multiculturalism and our democracy to topple our democracy my 911 happened to me in 1975 when that when radical muslims blew up my home bringing it down bearing me under the rubble wounded as they shouted allahu akbar my only crime was that i was a christian living in a christian town i ended up in a hospital for two and a half months and as i laid in a hospital bed hooked up to ivs on both arms i would ask my parents why did they do this to us why did they attack us and my father would tell me because we are christians the muslims consider us infidels and they want to kill us so i knew since i was a 10 year old child that i am wanted dead simply because i was born into the christian faith and lived in a christian town