Work Done by Yogi Adityanath as CM | Yogi Adityanath Performance | Achievements of Yogi Government

Work Done by Yogi Adityanath as CM | Yogi Adityanath Performance | Achievements of Yogi Government

 Achievements of Yogi Government

  1. Illegal slaughterhouses have been shut and cow smuggling banned.

  2. Aid for Triple Talaq victims (Yogi government announces Rs 6,000 annual aid for triple talaq victims)

  3. Purvanchal Expressway( 48% progress, contracts awarded to developers in October 2018.

  4. Bundelkhand Expressway ( 5% progress, Contracts handed on December 2019.

  5. Proposed Ganga Expressway (

  6. Airport connectivity (Air connectivity to Uttar Pradesh up three times in the last two years: Yogi Government)

  7. Expansion of Lucknow metro(Lucknow Metro - Wikipedia) You can clearly see the metro lines constructed during Yogi.

  8. Kanpur Metro(Kanpur Metro: Information, Tenders, Route Maps and Project Updates)(Kanpur Metro - Wikipedia)

  9. Jhansi and Gorakhpur Metro (हिंदी खबर, Latest News in Hindi, हिंदी समाचार, ताजा खबर - Patrika News)

  10. Agra and Meerut Metro (Kanpur, Agra, Meerut to get metro services by 2024: UP government)

  11. 18.6% increase of interest in investors with Uttar Pradesh (UP has logged 18% rise in investment interest: Satish Mahana | Lucknow News - Times of India)

  12. 65,000 crore projects for UP(UP to hold 2nd groundbreaking ceremony for Rs 65,000 cr projects on Sunday)

  13. Highest sugarcane manufacture(

  14. 105 Khandsari units approved with 27850 crushing capacity(105 new licenses issued for Khandsari units - ChiniMandi)

  15. Ethanol blending: UP govt distilleries to supply 53 million litres to OMCs

  16. A whole list of schemes available for farmers (

  17. New Krishi Vigyan Kendras

  18. Arjun Sahayak Pariyojan, Bandai Dam, Saryu Canal, Madhya Ganga Canal etc (Uttar Pradesh government allocates Rs 1,770 crores Madhya-Ganga-Canal project, seeks completion in 11 months | Meerut News - Times of India More such links can be searched for each project

  19. Ponds built in Bundelkhand (कृषि क्षेत्र में 54 फीसद बजट से सिंचाई, बुंदेलखंड में 5000 तालाब)

  20. Irrigation scheme (कृषि विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश)

  21. Namami gange project (‘Namami Gange’ project: 14 crore litres sewage from Kanpur’s Sisamau drain turned to a treatment plant - News Chrome)

  22. 15 new Medical colleges and 14 more sent for proposal (15 new medical colleges under construction in UP, Centre permission awaited for 14 more: Yogi Adityanath)

  23. AIIMS in Gorakhpur(35.17% complete) and Rae Bareli (Government announces 22 new AIIMS; here's the plan)

  24. Encephalitis menace tackled (How Uttar Pradesh tackled the encephalitis menace | India News - Times of India)

  25. Organizing Mukhyamantri Arogya Mela health fairs (17.1 lakh patients treated so far in Mukhyamantri Arogya Mela in UP)

  26. Handling of coronavirus. You can see the stats where there is no exponential growth and recoveries are much higher.

  27. Education

  28. Operation Kayakalp (Operation Kayakalp::.) (‘Operation Kayakalp’ launched for a facelift of government schools | Bareilly News - Times of India)

  29. UP to open 18 Atal residential schools

  30. Conversion of tribal villages into revenue villages (,Sarkar%20and%20Aam%20Bagh%20Ramgarh.)

  31. Police commissioner system in Lucknow and Noida (Yogi Adityanath govt implements police commissionerate system in Lucknow, Noida)

  32. Reduction in the crime rate (,in%20Uttar%20Pradesh%2C%20he%20added.)( )

  33. No or negligible violence during Article 370 abolition, Ram Mandir and CAA.

  34. Per capita Income of UP has increased from 52,744inr in 2016–17 to 70,419inr in 2019 in just 3 years.

  35. First state to open a panel for skill development of workers (Uttar Pradesh becomes the first state to form a panel on job security, skill development of workers)

  36. First state to start pool testing(Great step! Uttar Pradesh becomes the first state in India to start pooled testing for Coronavirus)

  37. First state to declare man-animal conflict a disaster (

  38. UP records 30% decline in maternal mortality rate(Uttar Pradesh records 30% decline in maternal mortality ratio since 2013, tops chart in reduction of maternal deaths in India - Firstpost.)

  39. Initiative to improve UP ranking in Cleanliness survey (Cleanliness survey: Past imperfect, UP looks to gets its act together now)

  40. National E-Governance award won by UP (UP bags top honour at National e-Governance Awards)

  41. Highest milk-producing state (

  42. Highest Sugar producing state (Sugar Industry of India | State Production 2020 -

  43. Cleaner Ganga(

Other Work Done by Yogi Adityanath as CM

  1. India's first Transgender University (

  2. Noida metro station renamed to Rainbow metro station dedicated towards transgenders- (

  3. Criminals marking 'attendance' at police stations due to fear of encounters ( )

  4. Rainwater harvesting mandatory in new buildings ( )

  5. Electricity connection snapped to households if they don't build toilets ( )

  6. [33% say law and order has improved significantly. 39% saw some improvement, 16% say it is negligible while 12% say the situation has worsened. ]( )

  7. 25% say the reduction in crimes against women has been significant, 30% say improvement is minimal, 36% said there has been no improvement, while 9 %t said the situation had become worse. All linked in the article of point 6. 46% said there was a significant improvement in power supply, while 33 % said there was some. 14% found no improvement while 7 % said the situation had deteriorated. More such indicators in the article.

  8. Asian development bank (ADB) approved a loan for construction and improvement of district roads in Uttar Pradesh (,district%20roads%20in%20Uttar%20Pradesh. )

  9. Completion of certain roads which ADB had given loan for ( )

  10. UP becomes first state to provide beds with ventilators in each district ( )

  11. Microsoft to open 4000 employee campus in Uttar Pradesh as a result of the states investment generation pull ( )

  12. Uttar Pradesh plants 220 million trees in one single day ( )

  13. Arms license of Don Mukhtar Ansari's associates have been suspended ( )

  14. Gangster act invoked on 25 people from Mukhtar Ansari's gang. 7 arrested. Shooter Prakash Mishra's property has been seized. ( )