India's first COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN: Here is everything you want to know

The first Indian coronavirus vaccine developed by Bharder Biotech of Hyderch received approval from the General Drug Controller of India (DCGI) to begin human clinical trials. The company on its website said it is pleased to announce its 3 COVID-19 targets in association with WISCONSIN University, ICMR and Thomas Jefferson University.
India's first COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN: Here is everything you want to know
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Mention from Bharat Biotech President, COVAXIN Executive Director
Bharat Biotech President and Managing Director Dr. Krishna Ella says: "We are proud to announce COVAXIN, India's first COVID-19 vaccine drug. Collaboration with ICMR and NIV contributed to the development of this goal.

He added: "Our R&D and Production teams have worked tirelessly to deploy our technology in the arena," he said. Issued through legislation governing national standards, the company has accelerated its intention to complete comprehensive presurgical courses.

Many other Indian companies working on the COVID-19 vaccine

In addition to Bharat Biotech, 5 other Indian companies are also working to develop a vaccine that has had a global impact that affects the health and wealth of millions of people. Not only India, but also pharmaceutical companies, researchers and scientists are working around the world day and night to find a coronavirus vaccine, as the drug worldwide has failed to transmit the disease.

Made in India
Coronavirus Vaccine - COVAXIN - India's first traditional non-viral vaccine with the deadly infectious virus COVID-19

Who does Covaxin?
Bharat Biotech's COVAXIN has received CDSCO (Central Drug Control Organization) approval from the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the General Drug Comptroller for having Phase I and II Personal Medical Clinic after the company introduced pregenerated results. Clinical studies, demonstrating safety and immune response.

A generic and ineffective vaccine has been produced in Batat Biotechs BSL-3 (Bio-Safety Level 3), a high-quality vaccine found in the Genome Valley, Hyderabad.

The Indian General Drug Controller, Department of Health and Family Welfare has given permission to run Phase I and II clinical trials in humans after Bharat Biotech presented the published results in preoperative studies, demonstrating safety and immune response.

SARSCoV2 type only in NIV, Pune and transferred to BharatBiotech.

When will the COVAXIN clinical trials begin?
The clinical trials of COVAXIN for humans will begin next July 2020 throughout the country.

When will the coronavirus vaccine COVAXIN be available on the market?
According to the statement, human clinical trials for phase 1 and COVAXIN will begin in July, so there is currently no definitive information on when the vaccine will be available on the market for human use.

A press conference published by the company, Bharat Biotech, said the study results had been promising and showed several effective and safety immune responses.

PM Modi on the state of development of a coronavirus vaccine in India
Commenting on the state of development of the coronavirus vaccine, PM Modi quoted his Mann Ki Baat staff as saying: "The work done in our literature on the Corona vaccine is also globally recognized and we are optimistic."