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Duryodhan & Rahul Gandhi - They both are incompetent but still think that they have the divine right to rule coz they are born in the Royal Family.

Bheeshm & L K Advani - They both could never ascend to the throne but still got most respect. They both look helpless in the last phase of their lives.

Arjun & Narendra Modi - They both reached the top by their sheer talent, hard work and following Dharma but after reaching on top, they realized that the path of Dharma is full of thorns.

Karn & Manmohan Singh - Both could not translate their talent and intelligence to an extraordinary level of success coz of being on the wrong side.

Abhimanyu & Kejriwal - Both got caught in the opponent's Chakravyuh coz of being inexperienced.

Shakuni & Digvijay Singh - They both indulged in sycophancy for their self gains.

Dhritarashtra & Sonia Gandhi - They both are blind in their son's love.

Shri Krishna & Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - India loves and respects both of them a lot but nobody follows the path which they showed.

-- This is India & Mahabharata