[NEW]: Swiggy Referral Code for New User ( K0ZXWZ or PTLNPJ ) | Flat Rs 100 OFF on Your Orders - Referral Code for Swiggy

How to Apply Swiggy Referral Code:  

[NEW]: Swiggy Referral Code 2019 (K0ZXWZ) | Flat Rs 100 OFF on Your Orders |2019 update
Step 1: Download Swiggy app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.
Step 2: Login using your mobile number.
Step 3: Insert referral code K0ZXWZ or PTLNPJ 
Step 4: Order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant.

Terms and Conditions: Referral Program
  1. Offer is only available to users on the app
  2. The initial recommended amount received on the first order cannot be used with any other coupon discount.
  3. Recommended coupons are only valid for online payments via online or online banking. Coupon does not apply to third-party wallets
  4. No other plans can contact this offer
  5. Bundled technical forces. Swiggy can cancel / change / modify / add / delete any terms at any time.
  6. Bundled technical forces. Ltd (Swiggy) reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time without notice.
  7. Bundled technical forces. Swiggy reserves the right to reject honours and abuse offers based on customer questions without providing any explanation to the customer.
  8. In any case, they are all tied technical soldiers. Swiggy is responsible for any abuse or misuse of code due to customer negligence
  9. The service will be subject to the terms and conditions specified in http://www.swiggy.com/terms-and-conditions
  10. If you have any questions about this offer, please email [email protected]

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