Asian civilization summary

This is my ranking of Asian countries in terms of their global influence and historical contribution.Image
We start with SSS,

China and India are planetary civilizations unto themselves, that influenced not only their homelands, but all of SE Asia, Central Asia, and the entire world.

Saudi Arabia birthed Islam, it is the lone country in SS as a result. Islam has shaken our world since it was born in the Arabian desert,

Modern Saudi Arabia is also in the midst of a modern renaissance.Image
In S, we have two giants in Japan and Russia that shook Asia tremendously in the 19th and 20th century.

They fail to reach SSS and SS mainly because their influence was not as dominant pre 19th century.

But what cultural giants they are.Image
In the A tier we have South Korea, Turkey, and Iran.

South Korea and Turkey are modern entertainment powerhouses, but to be master of Asia you need more than K-Pop and K-dramas or Ottoman Empire serial soap operas. They won't ever be king of the block.

Iran is a giant of Central Asia and the Middle East, immense history and architecture radiating from its land.Image
In the B Tier we have the stars of the crowded rest,

Hong Kong defined global culture in the 20th century and even in the 21st its still a gem of the Greater Bay Area,

Thailand is one of the world's most visited countries, and is a great example of the synthesis of Indian and Chinese civilization that defines Southeast Asia,

As for Palestine, it has long been a massive sympathetic cause for most of Asia and the world at large, which is why I give it the edge over Israel here.Image
In the C tier we have countries that are quite popular for both famous and infamous reasons,

Israel of course is either deeply loved or deeply hated, with no in-between it seems, it is in some ways a country that seems out of place in Asia but is home to some of its deepest fractures and dramas,

Vietnam is famous for many reasons and its culture and story deeply intertwined with China, North Korea infamous for the Kim dynasty, and last but not least Afghanistan very infamous for the long warrior accomplishments of its tribes, it has outlasted many empires.Image
D is really the last relevant tier,

we have a bunch of countries that are well known sure, but lack cultural projection to an extent,

Taiwan is basically an extension of China's celebrated Fujianese culture mixed with a few Japaneseish traits,

Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines are all famous names, but hardly anyone can name cultural products from them,

The UAE and Qatar are deeply rich but again they get lost in the broader sands of Gulf Arab culture,

Lebanon and Iraq are problem children more famous for their difficult modern era than their rich history.Image
E stands for entrenched irrelevance.

F stands for Fail, as in your country has FAILED to promote its culture globally.

I'm not even gonna mention these countries.

Do better.Image
Africa has given me so much disappointment in my life,

Europe is a proper bore and they're not the moment,

I owe North America my life, but its rather boring and it lacks the soul that lives in the Old World,

Latin America is irrelevant,

Thank God For Asia, that it exists.