Has anyone made any profit from Zoomcar Associate Program (ZAP)?

The question of whether anyone has made a profit from Zoomcar Associate Program (ZAP) is a complex one, with opinions ranging from resounding "yes" to cautious "it depends." Here's a breakdown of what you might find:

Making a profit from ZAP:

  • Yes, it's possible: Some hosts report success in covering car loan EMIs, fuel costs, and even generating additional income through ZAP. They emphasize factors like strategic car selection, maximizing bookings, and efficient maintenance.
  • Examples: On Quora, some users claim profits ranging from covering expenses to modest surpluses. For instance, one user claims to cover a 16k EMI, fuel for Zoomcar rentals and personal use, and still have extra left.

Challenges to profitability:

  • Low returns: Many argue that Zoomcar's commission and other charges leave narrow profit margins, especially for low-utilization cars.
  • Uncertain bookings: No guaranteed minimum bookings can lead to inconsistent income and difficulty covering fixed costs.
  • Car wear and tear: Concerns about damage and repair costs, sometimes slow reimbursements, can eat into profits.
  • Hidden fees: Unforeseen charges like cleaning or late returns can further shrink profit margins.

Ultimately, profit with ZAP depends on:

  • Your location and car choice: High-demand locations and popular car models increase booking chances.
  • Utilization rate: The more your car is rented, the higher your potential profits.
  • Financial expectations: Defining "profit" as simply covering costs or generating additional income can change perceptions.
  • Risk tolerance: Accepting potential damage and uncertain income is crucial.


  • Do your research: Carefully review Zoomcar's terms and conditions, fees, and potential income before enrolling.
  • Talk to existing hosts: Seek direct experiences from other ZAP users in your area for a realistic picture.
  • Calculate costs and potential earnings: Analyze your financial situation, car loan, and estimated bookings to see if ZAP works for you.
  • Focus on maximizing bookings: Research popular car models in your area and optimize your listing for visibility.

Remember, ZAP is not a guaranteed money-making scheme. Carefully assess your financial situation, risk tolerance, and local market before making a decision.

I hope this information helps you navigate the complexities of ZAP and make an informed choice!