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Canada India News What Happened

Canada's relations with India have taken a significant downturn, with India making harsh allegations against Canada, including being a safe haven for terrorists, extremists, and organized crime. Visa operations at Indian missions in Canada are suspended, impacting Indian communities in Canada. Canada has accused Indian agents of involvement in a killing in Niger, causing further strain.


  • 🇮🇳 India views Canada negatively in its foreign relations, comparing it to Pakistan in terms of allegations.
  • 🌐 Canada is accused of being a safe haven for terrorists, extremists, and organized crime, especially those connected to Punjab.
  • 🤝 India-Canada relations have deteriorated, despite earlier periods of cooperation.
  • 💣 In 1974, Canada cut off nuclear cooperation with India due to concerns about India's nuclear program.
  • 💥 In 1985, the Air India Kanishka bombing strained relations between the two countries.
  • 📜 India has suspended Visa operations at its missions in Canada.
  • 🇨🇦 Canada is accused of interfering in India's internal affairs and faces demands to reduce diplomatic staff in India.
  • 📃 India has issued a list of 10 suspects related to attacks on Indian missions in Canada.
  • 🤷‍♂️ Canada has accused Indian agents of potentially being involved in a killing in Niger, while India claims to have provided Canada with evidence of terrorist and extremist activities.
  • 🇮🇳 Rajiv Gandhi and Canada initiated bilateral ties, including an extradition treaty, in 1987.
  • 🤝 Security cooperation evolved, leading to the India Canada strategic dialogue.
  • 🏨 Canadian investments in India led to the establishment of the first Four Seasons Hotel.
  • 🤝 Canada India working group on counter-terrorism formed in 1997.
  • 💥 India's 1998 nuclear tests strained relations further due to Canadian uranium bans.
  • 🇨🇦 Canada often followed the U.S. in its foreign policy towards India.
  • 🤝 Stephen Harper's tenure marked a turning point, leading to the India-Canada civil nuclear deal in 2010.
  • 🍁 Canada recognized India's shift from the past and forged stronger ties.
  • 📉 Relations soured after Justin Trudeau took office, partly due to ideological differences.
  • 🧩 The Ontario Assembly's resolution declaring the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as a genocide worsened relations.
  • 📉 Relations have declined since 2009, with recent developments indicating a significant downturn.