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How to use this code:

When you apply our unique code ( eats-rahulp52888ue ), You will get a promotional discount for your first order.

After you apply our code and place your first order, you will earn a promotion discount 100 rupees for 2 orders.. 

Who is eligible to be a recommender/inviter?

Anyone can be a recommender/inviter who (a) is a legal resident of his country, (b) his legal age of residence, and (c) a reputable Uber account. The referrer/inviter can be any type of Uber user; however, each Uber product or service can have at most one account.

Who is eligible to be a referee/invitee?

To receive a referral award from a referrer who provides services through the Uber app and/or website, your referrer/invitee must (a) have not driven, serviced or requested to drive or serve Uber before; All requirements of the delivery partner; (c) When they register to drive or deliver, please use your referral code; (d) Complete a specific number of rides/arrivals within the time specified in plan (E) to Any other actions required to take a specific referral program. Your referrer/invitee can only be recommended once, so if someone else recommends them and they accept the invitation, they will not be able to accept your referrer. Also, please note that fleet partners cannot receive referral rewards for inviting or recommending drivers in the fleet.

Termination and change

Uber reserves the right to change, terminate or suspend all or part of any referral program, and the right of any referrer / invitor or referrer/invitee to participate in any referrer program or receive referral rewards at any time for any reason. , Including suspected fraud (including referrers and / or referrers / invitees), abuse or violation of these rules, and any agreements (if any) between you and Uber or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates. If Uber terminates any referral program, as long as we notify you within 14 days of using or redeeming your referral bonus, any unused or unredeemed referral bonus may be forfeited at that time.

What does Uber eat?
Uber Eats is our new food delivery platform that makes it easy to get great food from your favorite local restaurant, as easy as requesting a trip.

When is Uber restaurant open?
Uber Eats is available 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 12:30 AM.

Where can I buy Uber Eats?
Uber Eats is currently available in certain areas of Bangalore, including Koramangala, BTM layout, HSR layout, Bellandur, Sarjapur Road, Indiranagar, Domlur, Ulsoor, Jeevabhima Nagar, Tippasandra, Murugeshpalya and nearby areas. Pop up and open the app to see the information available in your area.

How do I get started with Uber Eats?
Download the app and add your shipping address.
Choose from the full menu of the best restaurants in Bangalore.
Place your order and follow when preparing and delivering meals!
How much does Uber eat?
Uber Eats charges a fixed ₹ 10 / delivery fee for each order on behalf of the restaurant/delivery partner, without any minimum order quantity.

Please note that prices and offers in the Uber Eats website and the Uber Eats app may differ from restaurant prices and offers.

How much does Uber Eats ship?
Uber Eats’ delivery fee is what you pay Uber with each delivery and helps cover operating costs.

How do you choose a restaurant?
We have partnered with top restaurants in Bangalore to bring their menu to Uber Eats.

What if I am allergic to food or want to change my order?
For most meals you order through Uber Eats, you can add special instructions so the restaurant knows about any modifications you might need.

What if there is a problem with my order?
We are here to help you. After placing an order, simply contact our support team from within the app and we will fix the problem for you.

Will my delivery partner bring meals to my home or office?
Your shipping partner will take your order home. If you are the easiest to go out, you can. You can always meet your transport partner on the roadside.

Do I need to tip my shipping partner?
Tips are not included, and are not required or required. You can rate your experience every time you order-just like you would rate an Uber tour.

How do promo codes and points work?
promotion code

Uber offers special promotions that offer food discounts to diners. If you add multiple promotional codes to your account, you wo n’t be able to choose your preferred promotional code from your account. Instead, the promotional code you recently added will apply to your current or next order. For example, if you add a valid code on Tuesday and another code on Wednesday, the next order will use the code you added on Wednesday. The value of the promotional code applies to only one order. The remaining amount will disappear.

Add promotional code to your account

Click the profile icon at the bottom of the home screen.
Tap “Promotions”
Click “Enter Promo Code”
Enter the code and click “Apply”
View valid, redeemed and expired promotional codes in your account

Click the profile icon at the bottom of the home screen.
Tap “Promotions”

Uber points can be applied to any order. To use them, just click “Credit” next to your account’s payment method at checkout. This will show your payment profile, where you can use the toggle button to apply Uber points to future orders. To view your credit balance, click the profile icon at the bottom of the home screen, and then click Make a payment to view your credit balance.

You can also share your personal invitation code with friends to earn points. Select the profile icon at the bottom of the home screen. Then click “Free Food” from the menu to see your invitation code. When a friend orders Uber Eats for the first meal, your account will earn Uber points. Recommended Uber points will vary by city.

Where can I find my Uber Eats promo code?
You can open the Uber Eats app, click the profile icon in the lower right corner, and then click “Free Food” to find your Uber Eats promotional code.

How do I share my code and get a discount?
You can use the share button on the Free Food page, or copy / paste text to email, social media or anywhere else. You will get a discount when a friend places an order using your code.

Can I apply for travel discounts in the Uber app?
Sorry, Uber Eats discounts only apply to Uber Eats orders.

Does the discount apply to other cities?
The discount is valid in Uber Eats cities using the same currency. If you use a country with a different currency, you will not get this discount.