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Box8 originally proposed Tiffin service in Mumbai, PUNE and Bangalore if I am correct.

This value proposition is very attractive. Suddenly, they fell off the menu and entered the usual restaurant food.

Obviously, tiffin is their low-margin product. However, this is a unique idea. It is possible to get regular orders every day.

Moreover, it is clear that restaurant food is not healthy. Therefore, consciousness always limits demand.

Tiffin will provide Box8 with constant cash flow. Even Box8 can be considered for pricing in the higher range of 150-200. There will still be its recipients.

Box8 actually provides a homely feeling of food, which is very much expected. The product and service are now unavailable.

In many ways, Tiffin services can improve asset utilization. Constant cash flow and user base may increase credibility. Slowly, Box 8 can choose a cluster-based model to serve certain areas of the city. Just like in the western and central suburbs of Mumbai, 10 to 15 kitchens can do the job. It will help optimize delivery resources due to forecasting and predefined delivery.

Once you have mastered certain user groups, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, detox water, and of course heavy-duty restaurant-style food. This will also bring a relatively high profit margin.

The key is to lose a unique value proposition in the initial phase.

The very attractive idea that caused the execution was removed.


Box 8 presents a new MOJO pizza.

Mojo Pizza is one of the best pizzas on the market.

As I mentioned before, BOX8 does lose their initial value proposition. It is now very innovative. BOX 8 enters the pizza space.

Feedback and comments on MOJO Pizza are great. If this continues, BOX8 may become the next Dominoz.

I personally feel that MOJO Pizza is one of the best pizzas on the organized market. Box8 should find the exit of Mojo Pizza on the line of Dominoz and Pizza.

MOJO has drawn attention in the field of pizza delivery. A complete offline restaurant will increase brand awareness and allow customers to try the variety by sitting in the store.

As of now, Mojo has gained enough momentum. Now, the next stage must position mojo as the brand of pizza space.

Interesting turnaround.

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