Google pay referral code for First user ( t74cJ ) | Get 201 Rupee FromGoogle Pay |

Google pay referral code: t74cJ

Install and open the app:

1) Download The Google pay (Tez ) App

3) Select the language preference first.

4) Go to >> Top Right Corner Menu >> Referral Code >> Enter Tez App Referral Code “t74cJ

5) Now, Enter your mobile number which is registered with your bank account.

6) Select the google account that you want to select during signup.

7) Then set either choose your lock screen password or set new Google PIN password.

8) That’s it! You are now registered on Google Pay app by Google.

9) Now send 1 rupee(because the first transaction is needed to get money) to my account or any other friends account (Google pay ID: rahulpatel11315@okhdfcbank ). now to will get 201 rupees as first sign up(time depend).

10)  To send money in G Pay option : New -> UPI or QR -> rahulpatel11315@okhdfcbank

11). Important: Till now I have returned All people 1 rupee, so feel free to send 1 rupee to me.

How to apply referral code in Google Pay / Tez

Referrals – TezJoin with my link and get 51rs into to your bank account after your 1st tez payment.

trick:– just send 1rs to any tez user after signup, using upi and u will get 51rs on ur 1st payment.
+ 51rs per referral directly into ur bank account. ( you can send 1rs to your referral user that will be show on your payment dashboard)


GPay referral code

You can invite anyone to join Tez, and if your invitee signs up for Tez through your unique Tez invitation link (see the offer details for your unique link) and successfully completes the payment using the Tez app, you are eligible for Tez Recommended offer.

You and the invitees will receive the Indian Rupee 51 (Rs 51 per share) and the bank account designated by the invitee. Therefore, you and your invitees must attach a UPI-enabled bank account to your respective Tez account in order to receive payments from Google.

You can only offer this offer for each registered invitee. Invitees can only use this offer in his first Tez transaction.
You can get up to 50 referral rewards.

In all Tez offers, you can get a reward for the Indian Rupee nine thousand (INR 9,000) for each fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Employees of Google Inc and its affiliates and subsidiaries, interns, contractors and office holders, as well as their immediate family members (parents, siblings, children, spouses and life partners, wherever they live) representatives of Google or The agency or other person associated with the offer is not eligible to participate.

Thank you..



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