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1. Introduction to the program

By using the DJI Referral Program (hereinafter “the Program”), you can share referral links to invite others to purchase DJI products, and you will receive a corresponding commission on DJI Credit after your referee first purchases a DJI product time through your referral link. The more orders placed through your referral links, the more commission you will receive.

2. Participation process

1. Enter the “DJI Reference Program” page or click the “DJI Reference Program” link;

2. According to the instructions on the page, share special coupons with others;

3. The referee receives the USD $ 10 coupon (the offer is only valid for first-time orders and is only available for use in the US DJI online store)

4. The referee uses this coupon for her first order;

5. 15 days after the order is successfully delivered, you will receive your $ 10 DJI credit commission.

3. Descriptions

● The program does not apply to special products: FPV system, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 and all accessories and services.

● Program coverage only applies to the referring country or region. The referee can only claim and use the USD $ 10 coupon in the same country or region as the referrer.

● The referent and the referee must not be the same person. Those who use the same device, account, phone number, WeChat account, payment information, bank card and shipping address will be considered as the same user, and will not be able to claim and use the USD $ 10 coupon.

● The $ 10 coupon is valid for 30 days from the date the arbitrator claims it and is only applied to the first order. DJI Care vouchers for accessories or services can only be used when you purchase the corresponding products. The arbitrator makes a purchase and does not request a refund within 15 days of order confirmation. The referrer will receive their commission 15 days after the client confirms the purchase.

● The referral commission and coupons will be sent to the corresponding DJI Store accounts of the referrer and the referee.

● The maximum commission for the referrer during the Program is limited to USD $ 10,000 of DJI credit.

● DJI dealers (including company representatives and employees) are not eligible to participate in the Program.

● The referrer will not use the Program referral link for paid promotions, including online advertisements.

● The referrer should not induce the arbitrator to buy DJI products through lower prices in any way, such as returning cash, giving additional products, or reselling them at low prices.

● Any reselling behaviour, such as product distribution or unauthorized retailing, is prohibited.

● If the sender violates any referral rule, DJI will cancel the commission, recover the relevant rewards, disable the sender’s account and seek legal liability in accordance with the law.

● The Program can be suspended, cancelled or revised at any time. The commission received from the Program will remain valid until said suspension, termination or review.

● If any provision of the Program becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, the referrer and the arbitrator will still be subject to other terms and conditions. In such situations, the invalid provision will be executed to the maximum extent applicable under the law.

● Participation in the Program will not be considered a business relationship with a DJI supplier, DJI or DJI affiliated companies.

● The program is planned and organized by the DJI Affiliate Program team. For more details, send emails to [email protected].

● You may not be able to share referral links if your DJI GO software version or DJI Store app is too old. In this case, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.

DJI Credit Referral Code | DJI drone referral code | DJI coupon code