Best Renewable Energy Stocks India | Best Clean Energy Stocks in India

Best Renewable Energy Stocks in India

A lot of People will give name of stocks whose financial will be bad as hell. but here i will give you only those stocks which i think can be good for you.

I am giving my list of Renewable Energy Stocks for Long Term Investing (3-5 years)

Medium Risk Stock: (3-5 years)

  1. Adani Green - MARKET LEADER in Renewable Energy
  2. Tata Power - TATA planning to set lithium ion cell factory in Gujarat and also planning to move from Fossil fuel to Green Energy.
  3. Reliance - Mukesh Ambani is planning to inter in renewable energy sector.
HIGH Risk Stock: (3-5 years)
  1. Urja Global
  2. Suzlon Energy - Famous for Wind Energy but has very high Debt. Which make this very Risky