Beardo Referral Code

Beardo Referral Code:

Are you ready for a Barrado Referral? Earn the Beardo Badge and get attractive discounts on all your purchases! this is easy. is beautiful. It is rewarding!

Get 5% to 10% profit.

Here’s how the Bayardo badge works
Superstar badge
When you become a Beardo Superstar, you get a referral code and a referral link. Use this referral code or link and invite your 5 friends to shop through it. On using your superstar referral code or link, they get a 5% discount. When their Burdo cargo is successfully delivered to them, you get equal Burdo Points! Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?
Rockstar badge
To earn a Rockstar badge, you must invite 45 more friends through your referral code or link your friends to purchase. What is the opposite, you ask? Your friends get 7% off and you get equal points on your Beardo Points! You can redeem these points on your shopping with Bairdo!
Gangsta badge
Gangsta badges are for all you social butterflies! Once you are a Beardo Rockstar, all you have to do is invite 145 additional friends to shop at Beardo via your referral code or link. Your friends get 10% off because you are a Beardo Gangsta and you get equal points in your account, of course!