Places to Visit in Fatehpur District Uttar Pradesh

1. Bawani Imali
  • This monument represents the sacrifice of many freedom fighters. In 1858, on April 28th, the British army hanged fifty-two freedom fighters on an "Imali" tree. The tree still stands today, and some people believe that it stopped growing after this tragedy. The monument is located near the town of Khajuha in the Bindki Subdivision of the district. 
2. Om Ghat, Bhitaura
  • This is the block headquarters located on the bank of the holy Ganges river. It is a place where a famous saint named Bhrigu worshipped for a long time. The flow of the Ganges river at this location is significant because it flows towards the north, which is important from a religious perspective.

3. Tambeshwar Mandir

  • It is one of the oldest and famous shaktipeeth of Fatehpur. One will find mental peace and and will feel relaxed after reaching there and I would say that those are going to Fatehpur they must go and get the blessings of our Lord Shiv .
4. Bagh Badshahi
  • A beautiful fortified palace, a big underground passage, water tank, baradari, gates here. On 5 January 1659 A.D., Mughal emperor Aurangzeb had a fierce battle with his brother prince Shah Shuja (Mughal), and killed him near this place. To celebrate the victory, he constructed a large garden "Badshahi Bagh" and a big palace having 130 rooms.
5. Shiv Mandir, Khajuha
  • This place is also important historically and mythologically. It falls in Khajua block, there is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and in front of the temple there is also a very beautiful lake i.e. pucca pond. This temple was built by Raja Fateh Chand. Fatehpur district is named after him.
6. Jay Gurudev Temple, Bindki