Revitalizing Urban Spaces: Exploring the Potential of the Tapi Riverfront Project

The Tapi Riverfront Project:

  1. The Tapi riverfront project in Surat, India has been initiated, inspired by the Sabarmati riverfront project in Ahmedabad.
  2. The Tapi river is a 724 km-long river that flows through Surat, which has a population of 6.5 million and is vital for the city.
  3. The Tapi riverfront project will be financed by the central government, state government, and World Bank, with an estimated cost of over 3904cr.
  4. The municipal corporation of Surat will lead the project, which will holistically develop the land between the Kathor and Rundbata bridges, covering 33km.
  5. The project will include the development of heritage, new barrage, riverfront parks, and walkways alongside the river.
  6. The project aims to improve the ecological, environmental, and social conditions of Surat, increase tourism, and boost the real estate sector, providing jobs and economic development.
  7. The project will be completed with the help of World Bank funding and will directly affect Surat's resilience strategy.