Devdas Dialogue

Devdas Dialogue

Here are some famous dialogues from the Bollywood movie "Devdas":

  1. "Devdas ke paas paisa hai, Devdas ke paas jawani hai, lekin Devdas ke paas Paro nahi hai" - This means "Devdas has money, Devdas has youth, but Devdas does not have Paro."

  2. "Yeh dil maange more" - This means "This heart wants more."

  3. "Abb toh mohabbat ki hadd hi ho gayi" - This means "Now, the limit of love has been crossed."

  4. "Tumne mujhe barbad kar diya" - This means "You have ruined me."

  5. "Main abb bhi usse pyar karta hoon, aur main mar bhi jaun toh bhi mujhse uska rishta nahi judh sakta" - This means "I still love her and even if I die, our relationship will not break."

These dialogues have become iconic and are still remembered and quoted by fans of the movie.