Examples of good and bad social media posts

Examples of good and bad social media posts:

Good social media posts:

  • Share informative and educational content, such as articles or videos about a topic you're knowledgeable in.
  • Share positive and uplifting stories or messages to brighten your followers' day.
  • Share user-generated content, such as testimonials or photos from customers, to build a sense of community and engagement.
  • Share behind-the-scenes content or sneak peeks of upcoming products or events to build excitement and anticipation.
  • Use hashtags and keywords to make your posts more discoverable and increase your reach.

Bad social media posts:

  • Share sensitive or controversial content that could offend or alienate your followers.
  • Share fake news or misinformation, as this can damage your credibility and trust with your followers.
  • Share too much personal information, as this can compromise your privacy and security.
  • Share irrelevant or uninteresting content, as this can bore or annoy your followers.
  • Post too frequently, as this can overwhelm your followers with too much information and cause them to unfollow you.