1. Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 with 1.78" AMOLED Display, Best-in-Class Resolution, Premium Stainless Steel Body, 60+ Sports Modes, 100+ Watch Faces, IP68 Waterproof (Jet Black),OneSize

What i Like About This Watch....

1. Display

No Doubt it has Best In Class Amoled Display.. You Will face no Problems in Bright Sunlight. Its Bright and crisp. It has 5 levels. I Mostly use Level 1 in Indoor. For Outside you can see it in Level 3, 4.

2. UI/Interface.

It has a very Systematic and Simplified Interface. Every Folders has a Sub Items. Thats make this watch more easy to use.

3. Vibration Motor.

The Vibration Motor is Good in this watch. It can alert you easily.

4. Notification.

You can See All the basic notification such as call, sms, whataapp, insta, fb etc. Call Rejection, Silence and Quick Reply Option works great.

5. Sensors

Only Heart Rate and SPO2 Sensors Works Well.

6. Battery

If you use the watch normally like, Brightness level at 1 or 2, Raise to wake up Option for 5 sec and Dont use Always on Display. Activity Mode for around 2 hrs in a day. The watch can last for 6 days easily.

It also has a Fast Charging. I think around one & half hr.

7. Extra Features

It has some cool features Such as Stock Data, Calculator, Alarm & Reminder, Weather Forecast.

What I don't Like About the watch..

1. Step Counter Sensor

The Step Counter is Inaccurate even after the software Updates. It stuck and the final results are not correct. I thought it was only in my watch so i placed a replacement order. Even after that also the new watch has the same issue.
Hardware is Good but Software is need to be updated again.

2. It does not has a Mic & Speaker

You can not use Voice Command directly from watch. You need a TWS if you want a voice assistant or to answer the call.

At this price, point Noise should have also add watch calling/dialpad features.

3. App

Sometimes the App lags while syncing with Sports Record.

5. Sleep Mode

The sleep mode only works at Night. It doesn't work in the daytime. Sometimes it's accurate and sometimes its not.

6. Calory Meter

When you open Sports Mode for example i am doing Cycling. The Calory data is not going to sync with the Main data of the Watch. Kindly Merge it so that we will get the correct Calory Information.

My Suggestion to Noise.

  1. Try to fix the issues such as the step counter, sleep monitor, and calory data in workout mode in the next update.
  2. Add Hindi Language Support.
  3. Add a gesture keyboard and enable manual reply.
  4. If possible try to add a Navigation Feature that will sync with Google Maps and it will show the direction notification and other data on the watch. It will be good for Bike Riders.


So if you need a watch which has a good built quality, display and basic features then it's a great watch.