Best Clogs brands in India | Best Clogs under 1000 - 2000 | Best Mules under 1000

Best Clogs brands in India

  1. crocs.
  2. Bourge.
  3. Centrino.
  4. Liberty.
  5. Red Chief.
  6. FLITE.
  7. US Polo Association.
Clogs are a style of footwear that is built entirely or partially of wood. They're used all across the world, and their forms vary by culture, yet they've often stayed the same for centuries within a community.

Clogs are still used as protective footwear in agriculture, as well as in some factories and mines. Although they are sometimes linked with cheap and traditional footwear worn by farmers and the working class, other styles, like as Swedish träskor or Japanese geta, are now considered fashionable.

Clogs are also utilised in a variety of dance genres, where the sound they make against the floor is a key aspect. Clog dance is one of the most basic forms of tap dancing, yet tap shoes allow the taps to freely click against each other and make music.

Best Clogs under 1000 - 2000 

The exact origin of wooden footwear in Europe is unknown. De Boer-Olij refers to the buskin, or high, thick-soled boots worn by Greek tragedy performers in Antiquity, as well as Roman soldier's shoes (the caligae). However, it's possible that the Celtic and Germanic peoples of Southern and Northern Europe were familiar with wooden footwear. There are no known archaeological finds of them. Wooden footwear was frequently used as fuel, and wood, by its very nature, rots away over time. The earliest surviving wooden footwear in Europe comes between 1230 and 1280 and may be found in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These discoveries resemble the wooden shoes that are still worn today.