Public Places to Have Sex on in INDIA | Public Places to make out in INDIA

You can definitely wear a bikini on many beaches in India specifically in Goa and Karnataka. Regarding sex in public means I mean out of your room/ hotel I believe. Just find some location that is secluded and you can proceed. Me and my GF (now my wifey) love sex out of the room. We do follow to have sex outside.

  1. Beach Holidays: (Specifically search on the internet if it's a secluded beach)- We had visited a few secluded beaches such as Mandarmani (West Bengal), Chandrabhaga (Orissa), Koh Siboya (Thailand) among a few and have literally enjoyed romantic sex. Wear something which is loose-fitted and can be can wear or opened up. For men wear beach attire such as Bermudas and T-shirts. For women, beach skirts are best. If you both want to stand feeling the guy shall penetrate the lady from the rear, just lift off the skirt and proceed. This pose is best in terms of safety. If you want to have sex during the night its more romantic. Take a towel and move away to some areas of the beach where nobody is there and you can enjoy 69 or woman on top by lying on a towel.
  2. Jungle resorts- We visited a number of jungle resorts like Baranti in Purulia West Bengal, Dooars in the Darjeeling area, and Guwahati in the northeast. First, you need to plan by visiting the jungle. Again standing penetration is most safe here. Else if the guy is a bodybuilder he can take you on his lap while standing and start the process. We experienced both.
  3. Hill resorts- Hill resorts don't mean Kashmir. Search resorts like the “Hills Castle”, Gangtok or some resorts in Tawang. You can enjoy snow sex there as the population is low and there is no chance of getting caught and embarrassed. We dug snow in a region and my GF laid on the back keeping her genitals open and we had nice romantic sex.


I will share my personal experience. I have been to Goa a couple of times. The first time when I and my wife were around, we just checked all places including Old Goa, churches, beaches, and pubs. The second time when we had been, we wanted to have some quiet time together.

I took her to the Ashwem beach where people are fewer, shacks are fewer and the crowd is non-Indian. It was the best place to make out and we did make out while the sun was setting. Once the mood was set, it was wild and you won't care who's watching. Certainly, a couple of people saw us making out but who cares? It is very meekly crowded and long smooches, going topless and sleeping on one another is not at all a big thing. But, it was a divine experience to have sex while watching the sunset. Go for minimal clothes and a set mood. You can definitely make out in Ashwem. It is lovely to have sex at the seashore. Even if someone watches you, don't care just hang in with your partner.

After all, when you have a partner who gives it all to you, you don't need anything else. Have a couple of beers and then jump to the water. It is one helluva experience that a couple must have.