Beaches to Have Sex on in GOA | Beaches to make out in GOA

Beaches to Have Sex on in GOA

Specifically, search on the internet if it's a secluded beach.

in Goa there are two:

  1. Ashwem beach
  2. Galgibaga beach

We had visited few secluded beaches such as Ashwem beach(Goa), galgibaga beach (Goa), among a few, and have literally enjoyed romantic sex. 

Beach attire for having sex on Beach

Wear something which is loose fitted and can be can wear or open up. 

  1. For men wear beach attires such as Bermudas and T-shirts
  2. For women, beach skirts are best. 

Sex Position to have sex on Beach

  1. If you both want to stand feeling the guy shall penetrate the lady from the rear, just lift off the skirt and proceed. This pose is best in terms of safety. 
  2. If you want to have sex during the night it's more romantic. Take a towel and move away to some areas of the beach where nobody is there and you can enjoy 69 or woman on top by lying on a towel.

Beach skirts: