Why Does Tamil Nadu Oppose NEET

It is not the case that TN as a whole is against NEET, as it is completely inferred by biased TN media, especially electronic media.

TN Medical candidates also wrote the NEET exam in 2017 and the first batch of students have already been admitted to medical colleges based on NEET marks.

The opposition to NEET in TN is mainly because for almost 10 years, since 2006, admission to vocational courses was done on the basis of the final score of 12th school and not through an entrance examination (as done in other states ). Also in TN, prior to 2005, admission was done by a ranking mechanism based on a mixture of 12th board marks and an entrance exam.

So the 12th board issue is a kind of sacred grill and rites for TN students. Students begin preparation from their XI std, skip the XI std parts and focus only on the 12th part to get maximum marks. Both medical and engineering admissions were based only on the marks of the major subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry for engineering and chemistry and biology for medicine). The marks in these major subjects were reduced to 200 and a merit list was prepared. At least some students score full marks in all three major subjects and receive 200/200 as a "cut-off". Most of them score high marks as well and the cut-off for medical in government colleges is around 199 (for OC category) and 197 for BC7 category.

So, basically the entrance exam "culture" is not in TN and they are only used to perform in the final examinations of the school. This was the main reason for opposition from students and parents of medical aspirants.

Since NEET was made mandatory by the Supreme Court and MCI, some medical candidates understood that NEET is here to stay and started preparing for NEET. This included both State Board students and CBSE students. He performed reasonably well in NEET

Some students of the state board believed that there would be an exemption for NEET and would focus only on 12th board marks. They could not perform well in NEET.

The main opposition comes from medical candidates who were not prepared for NEET and then other vested interests, the school is called "Factories" - Namakkal-Rasipuram Belt Broiler School, which provides its livelihood by providing rowing education till 12th Do self-financing and deemed University Medical College students of the board and sometimes in the greed for money.

Since some of them also control the mediocrity, NEET opposition is highly anticipated and telecast repeatedly.