Why Hindus Support CAA?

Read This story carefully

Suppose there are 11 Brothers, 4 brothers make a team (TAEM1 {P1,P2, P3,P4}) and they often fight will other brothers (TEAM 2 {P5,P6, P7, P8, P9}) and remaining 2 are in TEAM3 ({P10,P11}). Now TAEM1 demanded new home. P10 does not care anything while P11 support TAEM1 in some cases(SUPPORT1) and don’t want to leave remaining brothersBecause of this Family decided to split home(DECISION1). so they sold current home and bought 2 homes(HOME 1 & HOME 2) with 4 capacity.

so They decided this

  1. 4 + 1 = will be in HOME 1 (Home 1 contains TAEM1 and P10 from TEAM3)
  2. remaining 6 will be in HOME 2 (Home 2 contains TAEM1 and P11 from TEAM3)

Point to Notes here is 4th guy(P10) in first home has not chosen 1st home, He was assured by parent that he will be safe in 1 home.

Now TAEM1 is not giving equal right in him(P10), also beating him.

After this, they started beating P4 also, they make his life like hell. So he decided to split his home. so they sold current home and bought 2 homes(HOME 3 & HOME 4) with 4 & 1 capacitynow P4 is settled in HOME4

After sometime they (P1 and P2) often beat P3 also

After sometimes P1 started arguing P2 also because he was strong.

Now parent has decided to take him(P7) back(DECISION2).

Now P11 who support TAEM1 in some cases, is saying why you are not taking P2 and P3 also.

He started protesting in this issue while parent are saying that those 3 has taken their own home then why should we give them again(ARGUE1). if they want then they should taken their home like P4.


TEAM1: Muslim League

TEAM2: Hindu League

TEAM3: other than TEAM1 & TEAM2

P1 - Sunni Muslim

P2 - Siya Muslim

P3 - Ahmadiyya Muslim

P4 - Bengali Muslims

P5 - Hindu

P6 - Christian

P7 - Jan

P8 - Sikh

P9 - Buddhists

P10 - Minority in Pakistan

P11 - Indian Muslim

HOME1: old Pakistan

HOME2: India


HOME4: current Pakistan

Family: OLD India

Parent: Indian Government

SUPPORT1 - support in religious things

DECISION1 - To Split Old India into India and Pakistan


ARGUE1: If dividation of a country happen due to Religion bases then the problem arrived to due this dividation should be solved by Religion basis