Is it right to privatise the profit-making PSU?

In my opinion, the government should not hold any ownership in PSUs other than PSUs related to defence, medical facility and any industry meant for public welfare. Government should exit businesses at the earliest.

Do you realise there 277 PSUs in India? The Public Enterprises Survey 2017-18, which mapped the performance of central public sector units, revealed that the top ten loss-making PSUs claimed 84.71 per cent of the total losses made by all the 71 CPSEs.

It is not a secret now that however effective a PSU can be, it would always be behind its private sector peer (with few exceptions, like LIC). All the credit goes to lack of infrastructure, their organisational structure and government interventions. So rather than managing PSUs government should handover the PSUs to the private sector and let the market decide which ones are competitive enough to survive.

I can not see a point why the government wants to make its own arms competing with each other. Take an example of PSBs, there are 19 PSBs in India.Each one competing with each other with similar products. If the government wants to pursue its welfare schemes through these banks, why can't they do that with one bank? why then need to have so many banks for it.

And public needs to understand that getting a government job should not be a sole Moto to earn bread for a living. As much as government jobs are lucrative with a good salary and stable life, why only a few people should get its benefit. Private entity will also provide employment and growth in that field. Rather than seeking inefficient jobs or ill efficient jobs in the public sector, why not open gates for a more competitive private sector. Why only work hard for once to clear an exam and then get into hibernation for whole life and why not work throughout your life and contribute to your economy and country.

Government should focus more on regulating private entities than running a business. There should be better labour norms so that person in private jobs is also having better work culture and minimum wages for each job. Everyone should be benefitted not just a public sector employee.