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YOur Thoughts Matter...
choose good ones
Good Morning

Special Good Morning Wishes

Don't let yesterday 
take up too much of today
Good Morning

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Good Morning & have a nice day
In a world of turmoil
a calm mind
is the only sanctuary

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The life in front of you is
for more important than
the life behind you
Good Morning

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Good Morning
Some people will
always be important
with or without a conversation

Good Morning Images with Quotes in Hindi

Good Morning
opportunities are never lost
They are always taken by people
who are ready

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In a world of grief and pain
Flower Bloom even then
Good Morning

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Good Morning
Adopting the right attitude can
convert a negative stress into a positive one

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Time is like a river.
You cannot touch the same water twice, because
the flow that has passed will never pass again.
Enjoy every moment of your life.

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A moment of patience
in a moment of anger saves you
a hundred moments of regrets.
Good morning

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patience is 
a close friend
of wisdom
Good Morning

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F-E-A-R has two
"Forget Everything
And Run"
"Face Everything And
The choice is yours.
Good Morning?

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Truth is like A drop of Oil
in water...
No matter how much of
water you add
it will always float on the
Good Morning

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We always work for a better tomorrow,
But when tomorrow comes.
Instead of enjoying
We again think of a better tomorrow..!
Let's have a better today !!
Good Morning

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