Top 10 Pressure Cooker Brands in India - Verified Purchase Reviews

which brand pressure cooker is best in India

Best Pressure CookersCapacityWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Hawkins B65 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker6 L3.5 kg5 YearBuy now
Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker3 L1.09 kg5 YearBuy now
Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker2 L1.72 kg1 YearBuy now
Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker6.5 L3.18 kg1 YearBuy now
Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker3.5 L1.81 kg1 YearBuy now
Butterfly Blue Line Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker3.5 L1.02 kg5 YearBuy now
Butterfly Standard Aluminum Pressure Cooker7.5 L3.18 kg5 YearBuy now
Sumit Aluminum Pressure Cooker Combo Pack3+5 LNA1 YearBuy now

Verified Purchase Reviews:

1. Hawkins B65 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Review 1:
Excellent cooker, my mom has a couple of Hawkins cookers been using it for many years without any problems so I purchased the same brand and as expected its strong super heavy and good looking pressure cooker the brand name you can blindly trust. (I have tried almost all my favourite recipes in this cooker and all
were awesome so no issues with the cooking result from making biryani to hot gravies). Its very heavy with a full load so careful while using it on induction though I'm not going to try it on my induction at all. Otherwise, I guess the best one.

Tip: I bought 5ltr size just pay extra 150 and get the 6ltr one but I didn't return mine as I don't need any bigger than this for my use.

Review 2:
I have started replacing all my aluminium utensils with the steel one and pressure cooker was the first item. Normally used a 3-litre aluminium pressure cooker but the size of this one seems to be slightly less, maybe this is due to the design. If you are a family of 4+ people, then order at least 4-5 l as I cannot replace the same since I have destroyed outer carton. Product is good and I have used it for 2 meals and didn't have any burnt food. Maybe I will try more and update. Good design and can be used as small handi as well. But I found one thing fishy with the product - it's serial number is not matching with the one in the warranty card. Hawkins told me to contact the seller as matching serial number to claim warranty was mandatory. Well, that's isn't a big deal to replace the product but seller should be watchful of the same.

Review 3: 
Fantastic. Been using some months. Awesome quality of materials and the food is cooked in no time. Be careful, you can end up having baby food... 🤗 the only inconvenience is that it is difficult to remove the food completely once it's inside and cooked since the shape of the mouth comes a little bit inside and food gets stuck.

2. Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Review 1:
Perfect size for 4 people. Very easy to open and close the lid. A valve is attached to the lid which ensures some extra safety. Got it at a better price from Amazon as compared to the shops near my place.

Review 2:
Regarding the product, it is very comfortable in handling. But the price drop refund amount ₹77.00was not issued as per your mail information, not appeared on 10.11 20, and till now. Thanks, cloud tail. cashback sanctioned mail 3rd 10.30 and it was expired on the same day what's this. It's mere cheating. sorry dealer.

Review 3:
Thanks, Amazon for giving me this product in time. I am very glad to say that it's such a nice product I purchased this product on 19th of Jan and it delivered to me 20th of Jan very fast delivery and its metallic hard body attracts me and its original prestige Alluninium pressure cooker with ISI mark thanks once again

3. Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker

Review 1:
Awesome product.
Needed something like the thing to make daal n and khichdi for me 6mnths old baby and the product fits my requirements.
I bought it again for my mum as she lives alone n it's not possible for her to make dal or rice in a big cooker.
I have used some cheaper 1L cookers as well and their shape change after some time of use but this one is still in its original shape n colour after.

Review 2:
Got what I expected. It's delivered in a very good condition. The metal is aluminium with the outer surface coated with nickel I guess. Some people misjudged it to be stainless steel and then was left disappointed after delivery (People should read the features carefully before purchasing). It's a good product and was delivered on time.

Review 3:
Hawkins is the best pressure cooker. It looks very nice. the cooking process is very fast I really loved the cooker. Amazon delivery was very good. The packaging was excellent. It is the best cooker compared to other companies

4. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Review 1:
We bought this from Amazon and was delivered promptly and in perfect condition.
This 6.5-litre stainless steel cooker quality is very good, having a sandwich/induction-ready bottom, it cooks food very nicely and properly - No complaints at all and would recommend surely.

Review 2:
Very spacious and sturdy design
Good handles for grip
The pressure indicator is something new feature.
Stainless steel body looks smart.
Best cooker I bought.
You can see pressure build-up
Also great price with quick delivery.
The product reached safe, good packing.
Induction friendly

Review 3:
Good product and easy to use. Also good quality steel. Can improve plastic parts though. The first product sent to me was faulty due to broken plastic handles but Prestige promptly replaced the entire piece without any cost. Also, The replacement was delivered in 3 days - thanks to both Amazon and Prestige.

5. Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker

Review 1:
This tall 3l model cl-3t is indeed a classic time tested product, with spare parts widely available. Heat insulation of handle, seal and pressure regulation (whistling) are all perfect. Miss mary lineup might be cheaper and lighter, but they might suffer in these aspects, according to many customer reviews. Choose wisely!

My mom purchased the same model 30 yrs back, it now weighs 1.04kg. This new one weighs 1.18kg. From this, you will get an idea of the quality of the tough aluminium alloy used.

As for seller Cloudtail, they delivered product in a perfect condition (unblemished May 2019 stock). Bought it for Rs. 1123 and got Rs. 250 as cashback in freedom sale.

Update: Its been a week and the new one is working perfectly.

Review 2:
After reading many online Hawkins pressure cooker I was bit afraid while buying this.
I was using 2 and 5 lit Hawkins cooker only before this, somehow my cooker after 15 years was not working so well so need to change and it turned out great. No dolling of daal or vegetable anymore. It just go summit for 3-4 ppl rice or daal or vegetable or sambhar. Don't panic it is going to help you in the kitchen for sure. Reviewed after 2 months of regular usages. Food cooked properly including non-veg as well. No false whistle.

Review 3:
We recently purchased the same one from another familiar online shop. The product we had received doesn't look like genuine and moreover a used one we received. We returned the same and purchased from Amazon. A huge difference between Amazon and others. The product we received an original prestige product. Happy with what I have paid for. Kudos to amazon

6. Butterfly Blue Line Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Review 1:
- Very Good product finish and physical appearance
- Build quality is good, feels strong steel and sound crisp metal
- Easy to use and cooks almost everything as mentioned on the ad
- ISI marked and all safety features available as per industry standards
- Overall build, looks, price range and usage are very good and we are happy with this purchase

Review 2:
Reviewing after 1 month of use. Very catchy and handy but small for a 3 ltrs cookers comparing other brands. The look is good. Material is also good. Does not sticks food at the bottom which is very relieving. Very easy to wash. Saves a lot of energy and time. As expected from Butterfly company its value for money product. 👍🏻😊 Happy.

Review 3:
This cooker looks tiny but is quite handy if you are looking to cook single item for 2-3 ppl. It is quite heavy for its size and that's due to the heavy-duty bottom plate, which makes it durable.
It's a quality product which will last for years. Buy it's with eyes closed.

7. Butterfly Standard Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Review 1:
Initially, I had received a faulty one. One with a cracked lid. But I raised a return request immediately and Flipkart was quick enough to replace the product. This looks good and sturdy. My mother was happy with it. The base of the cooker is strong enough. The handles are not that strong but are durable. By the weight, one can guess that the cooker is sturdy.

Review 2:
Sturdy handles, thick aluminium cooker, perfect for large families or guests

Review 3:

8. Sumit Aluminum Pressure Cooker Combo Pack

Review 1:
Too much good, this product is very good working nd so useful this nandani cooker it's very good😊 plzzz everyone use this

 Review 2:
I got this cooker combo before the estimated date and packing was also good. And the quality of the product very nice

Review 3:
Very good quality of pressure cooker and real value for money for your kitchen.