Samsung Galaxy M51 (Electric Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) Review | Samsung Galaxy M51 Review India

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review India

At first glance, it looks a bit bulky. Camera, display etc. are satisfactory. Overall GOOD non-Chinese phone.

However, for their improvement, I tried to give some critical feedback to the company over the phone but it was not so easy, so, I am writing here so that Samsung India can take this critical review for their improvement.

The battery is 7K MHA but it is draining so fast that its overall backup time is slightly better than any other average phone.

User Interface:
The user interface needs tremendous improvement. You can't take a screenshot easily. You need to learn fine motor coordination between your fingers and power&volume button with microsecond precision. After three days I discovered taking a screenshot by swapping screen. But this easy method for taking a screenshot is not easy to find in its setting section. Automatic redial isn't available. also in setting section, searching for a basic operation like redial, call waiting etc are either missing or very difficult to access. UI should be more intelligent and intuitive. Call recording should take permission from the user before it starts recording any call.

Dolby Sound:
Dolby sound effect is excellent but it's available only for external speaker. Inbuilt speaker don't have Dolby effect. You have to buy headphone or external speaker for experiencing Dolby sound effect. Its Dolby software is so impressive that its work on the cheapest headphone but Samsung's own inbuilt speaker doesn't.

External Outlook:
Read somewhere that this phone has 3D prism-like glastic body. GLASTIC seems to be a discovery of new material (Glass+Plastic) because it looks transparent and shining. But in reality, its a cheap-looking smooth and slippery plastic back body. Also, It's prone to scratches neither it's water-resistant. Sometimes it generates heat. In this price segment, Samsung can easily provide metallic back for better appearance and transfer of heat.

Overall, its good non-china phone with good camera and display, a bit bulky, satisfactory speed, the scope of tremendous improvement in UI and setting, and bit overpriced.