OnePlus Nord 5G (Blue Marble, 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage) Review | OnePlus Nord 5G Review India

OnePlus Nord 5G Review India

1) Clean and bloat-free OxygenOS, which runs as smooth as they come.
2) AMOLED screen and 90Hz refresh rate really go along to make the display above average.
3) Battery life is decent and will last a day on normal usage.
4) Sound quality is good and modestly loud. (Drawback in Cons)
5) The design actually fits the hand well as it is shorter than usual on breadth, and a bit more on length, all the better viewing experience.
6) Gaming performance is average. (Similar phones in this range have better gaming performances)
7) The phone looks and feels premium while using.
8) The alert slider makes it very convenient to switch between different modes.
9) Face Unlock is as fast as other OnePlus phones. (Very very fast)

1) The camera is not as good as it was expected. The macro lens is pretty useless, and the main camera lacks depth and the colours aren't as vibrant as OnePlus 8. A bit too much of beautification was there in selfie shots. 4K video recording @ 60fps is absent but 1080@60fps performance is quite good. (The camera is better than most phones out there but it isn't what we were promised)
2) no headphone jack.
3) The mono speaker is on the bottom right of the phone, which tends to get covered by your hand while using. Also, being on just one side of the phone, the audio isn't as well delivered as it is on a stereo speaker.
4) No expandable memory slot.
5) The plastic frame (doesn't look like plastic but it is) is a worrying thing and makes the phone *comparatively* less durable.
6) Fingerprint scanner being under the screen isn't as quick as a traditional fingerprint scanner on the back.

Recommendation: If you're looking for a phone which delivers high performance and smooth interface for your daily use, go for it.
But if your prime purpose is gaming, there are better options available.
Also, if you're expecting flagship camera performance, you might want to consider other phones. (Pixel 4a is about to release, that's far better probably)

Update: Pixel 4a camera is surely much better than Nord's camera.