Is Sanskrit the Best Language for Artificial Intelligence?

The 0's and 1's are only understood by machines that are their language we use compiler, algorithms and logical operations that convert our language into the language(0's and 1's ) which is only understood by computers. And the English has much more complicated grammar and sometimes not even much logical

the characteristics of Sanskrit that attracted the attention of computer scientists are:
(1) Well knit syntactic and semantic structure of Sanskrit

(2) Positional independence of words in a sentence

(3) Low phonetic transcription for audio input and binary phonetic classification (0,1) of poetic meter

(4) Well defined rules of grammar, phrasing and synthesis

There is no need for a particular sentence structure for Sanskrit.
Like, In English:- Subject +Verb + Object
Ex:- I am writing an answer.
But in Sanskrit, there is no need for a particular structure.
अहं उत्तरम् लिखामि (I am writing an Answer.)
लिखामि अहं उत्तरम् (I am writing an Answer.)
अहं लिखामि उत्तरम् (I am writing an Answer.) .

That's why Sanskrit is best.