Funny Drinking Quotes For friends | Funny poems about drinking wine

Funny Drinking Quotes For friends

Let's say you donated Rs 2000 to the PM/ CM Relief Fund.

On the other hand, I bought a whisky bottle worth Rs 2000.

The question is who contributed more?

1. On the Rs 2000 you donated, you got a 30% tax rebate. Therefore, you actually landed up earning back Rs 600. In other words, by donating Rs 2000 you made a net contribution of just Rs 1400.

2. On Alcohol, the total taxes (excise and GST) added up to approximately 72% of the MRP. So when I paid Rs 2000, Rs 1440 went to the state exchequer...

...and 12.5 pegs of pleasure from a 750 ml whisky bottle came to me.

Therefore, not only did I contribute more, I created jobs at the Distillery, their suppliers of labels, bottles, caps, machinery etc., jobs at the Marketing Company, jobs at the Wine Shop and moreover I was in high spirits doing so, while you do not even know where your money went.

Think about it. Next time, Buy a Bottle of Whiskey to serve your Nation.

Be a responsible citizen!!

Funny Drinking Quotes For friends, Funny poems about drinking wine