23 Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE for men | How to Be More Physically Attractive Man

How to Be More Physically Attractive Man

Hey, guys what's up? now there's been a lot of you that asked me, Hey bro please give me a few tips to be more attractive not just look attractive but to be more attractive or just to look a little bit better. 

so in this post, I'm gonna give you 23 tips to be more attractive and if you stick until the end I'll give you a bonus tip as well so let's get into the post. 

alright now let's be honest whether you are single and still looking for that special girl out there or if you already have someone we guys we want to be more attractive to them right? well luckily there are always things that you can improve on to make yourself better or more attractive so let's start with tip number one

1. Always dress just a little bit better than the situation requires, don't overdress or underdress. 
23 Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE for men | How to Be More Physically Attractive Man

2. Be self-confident, focus on your strengths and remember you are unique. so remember to smile relax and keep your composure in all situations. 
23 Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE for men | How to Be More Physically Attractive Man

3. Always use deodorant and find a very good cologne that suits you when you find it use it every day and pretty soon people will identify that smell with you if you're not sure which colognes to use I'll add a few of my favourites in the post end so you can check it out. 
23 Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE for men | How to Be More Physically Attractive Man

4. never have bad breath. there's a lot of guys out there they floss and brush their teeth every day which is great but they forget about their tongue. if you have this white kind of discolouring on your tongue then chances are you have bad breath. so scrape it off. 
23 Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE for men | How to Be More Physically Attractive Man

5. Avoid looking like you've been trying too hard with your clothing styles. the people who dress the best looks like they've just happened to put these clothing styles on and they look cool they don't look like they've been obsessing over it. remember it's not just what you wear it's how you wear it. 

6. adopt a habit of walking and sitting with a straight back. if you strengthen the muscles in your back it will make it a lot easier so don't skip those back exercises at the gym. 

7. start to use a good face cream every day. it will protect you against the Sun and ultimately those wrinkles that will make you look older than you really are. if you don't really know which products to use. I'll add a few of my favourites in the article description. 

8. be more empathetic towards others and less selfish. think about the feelings and interests of other people a lot more because that will ultimately help you to communicate with them a lot better. 

9. take good care of your shoes. apart from making you look better cleaning and polishing your shoes every now and then will make the shoes last longer and save you money if you wear socks make sure the socks match the pants and please throw away all the socks with the holes in them. yeah you know what I'm talking about.
23 Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE for men | How to Be More Physically Attractive Man
10. Clean your Ears. for those guys that have those hair poking out of the ears: yes that also means you got to trim it. 

11. Cool beard Style if you feel that your face is not that attractive, like the symmetry is not all there. what you can do is grow a cool beard style. 

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12. some men look a lot better with a beard. it's like they've been born to wear one so why shave it? just trim it, style it and maintain it. 

13. stop wearing stuff that is meant for specific tasks. like for example: flip-flops they're meant for the beach and the pool. hiking boots for hiking. 

14. I feel like I almost don't have to say this, but you got to start eating better. your body will thank you for it and you will not only look better you will feel better as well. if you're not sure what to eat check out my male model diet plan after this video. 
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15. exercise: all right another tip that I almost feel like I don't really want to mention because it's kind of common sense but you gotta exercise. if you hate exercise try just two days a week for one hour. or get a bike or start a new sport. just get moving you will really start to have more energy and you will also feel a lot better. then clothes will look a lot better on you as well. 

16. have at least one pair of good classic oxford shoes. 

17. give your full attention: when someone else is talking especially if it's a girl, give your full attention. think about it, how do you feel like if you've been talking for a while and you just realized this person doesn't listen to you at all and also never interrupt someone else when they are talking because then they will feel disrespected. 

18. when you go shopping, bring a brutally honest friend that you can trust. if they tell you hey this outfit is not looking good, don't be angry they're just trying to help you. never ask a salesperson that are there because they need to make their Commission, rather trust your friend. 

19. haircut: choose the right haircut for your face to remember your face is also changing over time go and look at some old photos and you'll see it. this also means that the hairstyle that used to work for you might not work for you anymore. 

20. if you're happy with your haircut, use the right styling products. there's a huge difference between pomades, waxes, gels, hair spray, cream and clay and hey if you're not sure which products to use check out my best options in the article description. 

21.clothing styles: another tip I almost feel like I don't have to really say it because common sense but improve your clothing styles. sometimes the clothes do make the man especially when it comes to first impressions. so a good tip is to avoid clothes there are too tight or too big. if you're not sure what to use again check out the video description. 
Most attractive traits in a man

22. Be friendly, kind and positive because one of the most robust findings in psychology is the halo effect and what is the halo effect? well it is basically a bias where you unconsciously take one aspect of somebody as a proxy for their overall character. in other words, you basically make an assumption of their whole personality based on only one aspect. now it's interesting that research studies have shown that people who are more kind and positive and friendly are rated as being more attractive than other people. 

23. Be yourself in all situations why? well basically let me explain it this way: being an original is worth more than a copy. if you get what I mean. you can always improve on yourself but never try to be someone that you're not because you're never meant to be someone else. you're supposed to be the only you in this world. 

Bonus Tip: this is probably the most important tip that a lot of people out there forget especially in the world that we live in today. what is it? it is that beauty is not just about having a pretty face, it's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul and remember having a kind and soft heart in a cruel world is not a weakness it's courage.

Bonus tip- Hire a good photographer or have a friend which is good at photography.

Summary: Tips to LOOK more ATTRACTIVE

1. Always dress a little better 
2. Confidence
3. Use a good deo
4. Never have bad breath 
5. Avoid obsession on looks 
6. Have a wider back 
7. Use a sunscreen 
8. Be more empathetic 
9. Take care of shoes 
10. Match socks with pants 
11. Clean ears 
12. Grow and maintain a beard 
13. Wear matching slippers
14. Eat better 
15. Exercise 
16. One pair of formal shoes 
17. Listen and never interrupt
18. Buy better
19. Right haircut
20. Use right styling products
21. Improve your clothing styles
22. Be friendly, kind 
23. Be yourself

How to be more ATTRACTIVE