How will Pakistan look at 2027?

Theory 1: Colony of China
Pakistan owes huge debts to China - around $ 8 Billion or so and this debt is rising by the day. It is likely that Pakistan will simply be unable to pay China and instead, China may simply take over Pakistani Land and make the Pakistanis as second class citizens and China will become the Master.

Theory 2: Splintered Country
Maybe there won't be a Pakistan at all. There will be two or three splinters with Pakistan being a much smaller country while Balochistan may be their Kashmir and a number of other splintered provinces under Army Generals or Mullahs with their Terror Groups.

Theory 3: Military Dictatorship
Who knows? Another Musharraf may give Pakistan yet another lease of life. Pakistan and Democracy don't go well together. Maybe an Army Dictatorship would be the best thing and you could have Pakistan consolidating under Military Rule.

Most Unlikely Theory: Old Hindustan Again
Maybe Pakistanis will decide enough is enough - we have had it with Old Idiot Jinnah. We want to be whole again and maybe India - Pakistan will merge to form Hindustan and India will have the Government with Four Governors for Pakistan.

Of course, this would be a disaster for India to take on Pakistan - but least it stops the terrorists in their course.