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Dasht-e-Tanhai Poetry

In the Wilderness of Solitude
As I See It, Flickering
Drowning Shadow of Your Voice
Vanishing Mirage of Your Lips
In the Wilderness of Solitude
As I See It, Blooming
Flowering Oasis of Your Sight
Beneath the Sand, the Dust of Longing
Somewhere Nearby
As I See It, Rising
Blazing Fire of Your Presence
Consuming in Its Own Fragrance
Silently, Secretly
Somewhere Far Away
As I See It, Glittering
Falling, Bit by Bit, the Dew of Your Presence
As if Your Long Gone Presence
Makes Me Realize Again
In the Midst of a Vacant Dawn
That the Day Has Just Ended
And the Night Has Just Begun
In the Wilderness of Solitude

Bahar Ayi Poetry

Here It is Again; the Spring
And With It, Came Back From the Void
Those Unresolved Visions, Aspirations
The Ones That Ended at Your Sight
And Then Began Where They Ended
Just Like Sprouting of These Colors
Reminiscent of Yet Another Life
Of Dying in Vain, but in Love
Or Like Rising of These Torments
Of Longing, Yet Knowing
And Relishing in All Its Familiarity
The Forgotten Tales
And Unanswered Questions
With the Answers, Unquestioned
So Here Comes the Spring
Unraveling Yet Again
Those Unresolved Persuasions
Here Comes the Spring Again