Things to keep in Mind while Studying

1 - Always study at the chair-table, do not read at all by lying on the bed. By reading while reading, the mind does not go at all but starts to sleep.
2 - Do not play television while reading and also keep the radio or songs off.
3 - While studying, keep the mobile switch off or in silent mode
7 - While writing the read text, your concentration will also be maintained and notes will also be made for the future.
5- Must read any text at least three times.

4 - Avoid the tendency to rote, whatever you read, you should brainstorm.
4 - Make short notes so that they are useful during the exam.
7 - Discuss the text reads - Discuss with your friends, group discussion is beneficial in studies.
7 - Sort the important topics based on the old question papers and prepare them well.
10 - Eat a balanced diet because overeating leads to sleepiness and laziness, while eating less food does not make it easy to read, and problems like tiredness, headache etc.

11- Read with the help of pictures, maps, graphs, sketches etc. They remember for a long time.
12- You can take help of computer or internet in studies