You have probably already read my name. It is read by Mohammad Musharraf.

Here is my experience:

I was born in an area where the majority of Hindus lived. Then I went to a Christian school for education. Most of the students there were Hindus. In 10th grade, I remember, we were three Muslims among 35 to 40 other Hindus.

For college, I went to a state with a completely different culture than Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Jharkhand, where I hail from. Different languages, different ideologies, different types of people.

I lived there for four years and completed my graduation.

During all these years, I faced discrimination - at least that's what communal people want to hear. But you know the best part, it was nothing compared to the love and acceptance I received.

At school, where I said that we were three Muslims in a batch of 40, I never realized that I am somewhere else.

I remember each of my classmates and how fun it was to be with them.

In college, it became much better. During my first year, in the hostel, I lived in a room with two other people, both Hindus. Never felt anything wrong.

During the second year, we moved into a rented apartment where I lived with 5 other Hindu friends. There was a lot of fun on Holi.

I have experienced discrimination for being from Jharkhand and studying in Odisha. I have experienced discrimination for being Muslim.

But Odia people must have faced this in Jharkhand as well. And Hindus may also face discrimination from Muslims. This is not just a method.

We need to start looking on the bright side. A handful of communal Muslims and communal Hindus reassured us that India is intolerant, will certainly produce an Arab fool including you and me.

Therefore, calling India intolerant is far from being correct.

I am sure that no nation would have survived so much diversity for so long and that too with so much peace.

Until I go to meet my Hindu friends at the Muslim house and Holi on the eve of Eid, you cannot believe that India is intolerant.